The Bulu Crew

Power couple Paul and Stephanie Jarrett do everything together; they train together, they work together, they even write their bios together. After running the San Francisco half-marathon Paul and Stephanie stuffed samples upon samples of supplements, vitamins, and recovery gels from various vendor tents into their bag. Looking at their haul, the idea for Bulu Box hit them. Just a few weeks later the plan to build a company that provides premium samples to help individuals discover better health was in action.

Paul Jarrett, Bulu Box Co-Founder, CEO

Paul Jarrett

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Paul Jarrett is no stranger to vitamins and supplements. He used supplements to help him gain 100 pounds and become a 307lb D1 starting defensive lineman in the Big 12. When his collegiate football career was over, Paul used vitamins and supplements to lose 100 pounds.

Paul's work experience spans the country. From NYC to San Francisco, Paul has launched million dollar brands such as Neebo and executed multi-facted campaigns for Lowe's and Nike. In 2010, Paul joined Complete Nutrition where he became the Vice President of Marketing and an Executive Board Member. He built the MarComm department, trained dozens of franchises and positioned Complete Nutrition and its products for success in a saturated market. The company's growth skyrocketed. In fact, it was one of the fastest growing startups in the U.S. Paul's experience at Complete Nutrition was the precursor to starting his own company. In 2012, Bulu Box was born.

Stephanie Jarrett Bulu Box Co-Founder, CMO

Stephanie Jarrett

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer

With one hand strategizing big ad campaigns for successful brands like Jergens and Curel and the other hand sketching interactive design for brands like LeapFrog and TD Ameritrade, Stephanie made a name for herself as a multi-tasking master who oozes creativity and success. Stephanie built her portfolio as an Art Director and Interactive Designer for big brands like LeapFrog, TD Ameritrade and Complete Nutrition. Her varied marketing background, management ability, killer creativity, and online/offline skillset propelled her into the startup world. 

Stephanie <3’s traveling, experimenting with new recipes and trying to convince her husband to run full marathons with her.

Adam Choate, Bulu Box CFO

Adam Choate

Chief Financial Officer

With almost a decade of big company corporate experience under his belt, Adam leapt into the startup world. This intrapreneur turned entrepreneur created and implemented programs such as textbook rental, and developed custom purchasing and shipping software. Adam proved his ability to identify, increase and manage hundred million plus dollar revenue streams while at Nebraska Book Company with its 250+ retail locations and with the launch of Choate earned his BS in Finance at Tennessee Tech University and his MBA in Business Administration but the most impressive of all his achievements might be losing 40+ pounds in less than 3 months.

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Caitlin Bales

Chief Technology Officer

After working for both small and large companies in software and web development, Caitlin has fallen in love with the fast pace and fun atmosphere of start-ups. Caitlin was bit hard by the entrepreneurial bug while still in college where she co-founded and received funding for her first start-up, Locabal. Caitlin graduated with honors from the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Besides beep-boop-bopping, Caitlin enjoys working on personal design and illustration projects.

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Nicholas Muthersbaugh

Art Director / Producer

Coming from Complete Nutrition Nick brings a healthy knowledge of nutrition to Bulu Box. Nick joined Complete Nutrition as an entry level designer and worked his way up the ranks to become a top Graphic Designer / Video Producer. Nick was part of the foundational MarComm department that helped Complete Nutrition make its mark in the health and fitness industry to become one of the fastest growing startups in the U.S. Nick's hands-on experience at Complete Nutrition made him a creative powerhouse of strategy, graphic design, package design, user interface, video production and "getting-it-right-the-first-time." Nick is a knowledgable edition to the team as he is able to produce professional level work at every step in the creative process.

When he's not in the office developing creative work, he's outside being creative. Growing up loving motion picture, Nick is currently attending online film school and is in the process of scripting his first short film. Nick is into staying in shape, playing soccer, and getting outdoors.


Kelsey Harris

Director of Brand Relationships

Kelsey started at Bulu Box as an intern and instantly fell in love with the Bulugan lifestyle which is just one of the reasons they snagged her up as a full-time Brand Relationships Manager. Kelsey graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor Degree of Journalism focusing on Advertising and PR.

When Kelsey is not scouring the shelves, internet and tradeshows for new products to sample, she is training for her first half marathon, eating crab legs, busting out random dance moves, and raising her awesome son, Kenneth Jude (a.k.a. “The Jude Dude”).


Baileigh Rodgers

Ecommerce Manager / Customer Relations

Baileigh started at Bulu Box as a social media intern, but is now working full-time as a Marketing Associate. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with degrees in Business Administration and Spanish.

Baileigh comes from a family of marathon runners, and is currently training for a half marathon in May 2013. She can't survive a day without taking FRS Energy Chews to wake her up in the morning. Her favorite way to relax from a stressful day is a good book, or any Sci-Fi show on the BBC (she'd give up everything to go time traveling with the Doctor).


Stephanie "Steezy" Leonard

Community Outreach Manager

Stephanie graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Big Red!) with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism focusing on Advertising and PR. At Bulu Box, we call her “Steezy” because she likes to think she's a rapper. Steezy is a Bulu Box social media intern turned Community Outreach Manager. When she's not blogging, pinning, tweeting, rapping, facebooking, or networking with fellow Bulugans, Steezy is running, shopping, and enjoying life!

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Michael Maly

Graphic Designer

Michael is currently a senior working towards a major in graphic design and photography at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. When he's not busting out sweet graphics for the website or taking photographs of the Bulu Crew he enjoys spending time traveling, listening to good music and shooting old school film cameras. His travels have taken him to Colombo, Sri Lanka where he spent a summer as a graphic design intern at Grant McCann Erickson and to Kyoto, Japan where he spent a month taking photographs and exploring.


Marcus Quevedo

Social Media Manager / Copywriter

First attracted to Bulu Box because of his fitness obsession, Marcus is currently a social media intern. He loves laying down smart copy and engaging social media posts. Though, when he’s not doing handstands around the office, Marcus spends his time training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. He currently holds 2 state titles and an above average amount of health/fitness knowledge he attributes to hanging around after practice too much.

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Mariah Nimmich

Public Relations / Marketing Manager

Mariah's passion for health and wellness was sparked working in a hospital in an impoverished community during a high school mission outreach with Students International in Guatemala. Since then, she's spent a lot of time learning as much as possible about efficient health and wellness. A recent transplant to Nebraska from Tacoma, Washington, she is a student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in Advertising/Public Relations.

When she's not being a Public Relations master, Mariah can be found singing along to musical soundtracks, practicing her Italian, or watching BBC television.

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Tobin Brown


Tobin is currently a Computer Science student in the Jeffrey S. Raikes School at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He developed his passion for computers in middle school, working with his grandpa on various computer projects. Tobin loves learning about new technologies, especially in web development. Outside of Bulu Box, Tobin enjoys camping, watching Star Wars, and improving his personal website.

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Rebecca Dahlman


Rebecca currently studies computer science and business as part of the Jeffrey S. Raikes School at UNL. She hails from a small town in northeast Nebraska, and discovered the magic of computer programming through her siblings. Rebecca was drawn to Bulu Box because of the atmosphere and community.

In her spare time, Rebecca loves to read, rock out at concerts, and relax with friends and family.

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Lauren Lentz

Operations Support

Lauren is currently a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying all aspects of business and management; this past year she even got the opportunity to study economics at the University of Oxford in England. Her passion for health and fitness stem from her mother’s recent diagnoses of breast cancer. After this she began extensively researching healthy lifestyle changes to improve her families overall health and wellness.

When not working you can find Lauren traveling the world, quoting The Office, and spending quality time with her dogs. She lives by the words of Michael Scott, “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

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Trevor Sorensen

Operations Support

As an Operations Support intern at Bulu Box, Trevor is enjoying the transition into the Bulugan lifestyle and community. Trevor brings a passion for health and wellness after losing almost 70 pounds during his senior year of high school. Although he attempts to continue to live the Paleo Diet while at the University of Nebraska, he can still tell you where to get the best sushi and donuts.

Outside of classes and Bulu Box, Trevor is training for his first marathon, buying brightly colored shoes, quoting episodes of Sherlock, or watching soccer.


Caleb Godsil


Caleb is currently studying Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Ever since he was a young lad,he enjoyed strategic thinking in video games and Lego. Caleb enjoys learning new things and most fitness activities. He also likes to travel and ended up studying International Business for a full semester in Barcelona.

Outside of enjoying his life at Bulu Box, he likes to play guitar, dominate video games,and go mountain biking.