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  • 5 Things We Learned from Our October Samples


    This month's box was full of great products that had some really unique benefits! See what surprised us below. Continue Reading

  • Sunday Funday with Fitful Focus – Guest Blog

    Sweat with Your Team via Fitful Focus

    Check out this fun and active workout from Fitful Focus that you can do while you cheer on your favorite football team! Continue Reading

  • Are Carbs Giving You Inflammation?


    Most people start a low carb diet to shed a few extra pounds but did you know that switching to a low-carb lifestyle may have a few other benefits that can actually improve your quality of life. Continue Reading

  • Hot Sauce for Weight Loss


    Adding a little spice to your food could be a way to help you burn a few extra calories every day. See how hot sauce could help with your weight loss. Continue Reading

  • Heart, Mind, Energy, Cleanse – Hercules Vitamins


    Take a look inside Hercule's Packet-n-Go Vitamin Packs to see why these four different products brought together can make a big difference when it comes to your health and energy levels. 
    Continue Reading

  • 10 Plank Variations to Mix Up Your Workout


    Want 6 pack abs and toned arms? These plank variations will challenge you into strengthening your core, arms, legs and almost every part of your body.

    Continue Reading

  • Coffee for Weight Loss


    Did you know coffee can actually help you lose weight? Green coffee bean extract has become one of the most popular weight loss tools out there today. But why is it only green coffee beans that help you lose weight and not regular ones? Continue Reading

  • Healthier Sesame Chicken – The Fit Houswife


    Do you love Chinese take-out but hate the fat, calories and sugar that comes with it? This delicious recipe from The Fit Housewife is a total healthy swap game changer. Continue Reading

  • Junk Food Is Controlling Your Mind


    Does it seem like no matter what you do you can't seem to kick your junk food habits? Well there may be a reason you can't break the habit that goes beyond will power and what you might think of as a lack of control. Continue Reading

  • Get Your Bae to Work out Today


    Are you into fitness but your partner isn't? Or maybe you're looking for someone to start working out with you. Broaching the subject can be difficult. Even with the best intentions, this sensitive topic can be a relationship minefield. Here's a guide to starting the conversation. Continue Reading

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