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  • 20 Inspiring Instagram Accounts That You Don't Follow


    Check out some of our favorite #fitspirations from Instagram! We hope you feel inspired as well!

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  • Weight Loss Success Story: Maria

    Maria made the difficult decision to start losing weight and has since lost almost 100 lbs! See what helped her get started and kept her motivated through the tough days of weight loss. Continue reading

  • How Many Calories Do Your Favorite Summer Activities Burn

    Ever wonder how many calories you're burning doing your favorite summer activities? This infographic helps break down exactly how many calories you're burning doing things like going for a hike, throwing a frisbee, or playing catch.

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  • The Most Out-There Races


    Take a break from your traditional 5K or 10K race and give one of these out-of-the-ordinary or extreme races a try!  Continue reading

  • Why Butter Is Better


    Butter has gotten a bad rap in the past, but recent studies have shed some light on how certain butters are actually figure-friendly! Besides making even the blandest dishes taste like masterpieces, real butter has the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy (even contributing to weight loss!) Here’s why you should choose grass-fed butter or ghee the next time you’re in the supermarket.

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  • Weight Loss Success Story: Katie

    Katie decided to say goodbye to carbs and sugar but earned a second chance at the life she's always wanted. See what kept her motivated to go from a size 28 to a size 8! 

  • Should You Go Vegetarian?

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    Why go vegetarian? Some choose the vegetarian diet for ethical reasons, others to  maintain a healthier lifestyle with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. No matter what your motive is here’s a few reasons why going “veg,” or meat-less, might be a healthy option for your diet.
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  • Guest Blog: 6 Fitness Tips for the Average Woman - Eat, Drink, and be Mary


    Guest blogger Eat, Drink, and be Mary shares her 6 best fitness tips for the average woman.  Continue reading

  • Find Your Protein Bar Soul Mate


    Picking the right protein bar in a sea of delicious options can be difficult. Let us help with this list of a few of your favorite bars and why they might be right for your healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

  • Guest Blog: Summertime Sweatin' by Rena Valentino


    Sizzling summertime can cause serious sweating when you’re taking your workouts outdoors.  Is it beneficial?  Is it safe? Here’s some info and tips to ensure you’re hitting your best training sessions, safely. Continue reading

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