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Bulu Box monthly subscriptions are designed to help you feel your best. Every month, you'll get a box filled with 4 to 5 premium, curated samples from top brands. Look forward to a new mix of products for both women and men, including vitamins, weight loss, sports nutrition, protein, diet, energy, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more. We'll make sure you get enough to decide if the product is right for you. No shipping or shady fees. Depending on your plan, you can cancel anytime. Get ready for a healthy discovery! This is a recurring subscription. You will be billed for your first Bulu Box immediately. You will be billed on the fifth of each month after your first shipment.


Customer Reviews

Interesting & the thought I had is this for men as well ?Review by Jay
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I like it and it is just what I'm looking for and have been for months ..... (Posted on 8/29/14)
Bulu for YouReview by Carly
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I love Bulu Box - it's chockful of healthy goodies. It was so exciting to open my box and find products that not only taste good but are interesting. I gave one to my husband who's a true health nut and you'd have thought I gave him the moon.

Rock on Bulu... (Posted on 8/22/13)
introduces you to great products!Review by helen
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Bulu is a great box that introduces you to products you may have never heard of or discovered! This box gives you that chance to try them and be able to buy more online if you liked that product! i love bulu and plan on to keep getting it! (Posted on 7/13/13)
i love this subscriptionReview by Danielle
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i love all my samples (Posted on 7/1/13)
Great surprise!Review by Ashley
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This was fun to get in the mail and not knowing what's going to be in it! Lets you try samples of different products instead of going out and buying the full-size product before trying it. Would recommend! (Posted on 6/6/13)
good boxReview by saraleh82
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I liked just about everything in the box. There have been a couple of things that weren't so good. But, overall, it's a great box. (Posted on 6/1/13)
Great Treat Review by lenae
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Love the idea of this box. Its fun to get stuff in the mail that you dont expect. Then to have the items be good for you its a win win win. (Posted on 5/19/13)
Very happy!Review by Netashia
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I LOVED my first Bulu Box, and am trying to convince my friends to sign up too! I loved every single product in it. Trying the weight loss box next month. (Posted on 4/19/13)
HappyReview by Margarita
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I have been know to purchase vitamins and then not be able to take them for one reason or another. This box allows me to try things out before I buy them and the bonus is getting rewards and points! (Posted on 3/19/13)
Great things to tryReview by Karen
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I got my 2nd box today, and am excited to try some of these new items. Nice to try them before you sink a lot of money into something that doesn't work for you. (Posted on 3/16/13)
ExcitedReview by Winningmama2013
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Have a lot of different issues with my body right now, but am really excited about the bulu weight loss box. Am so jazzed and cannot wait till next months box. (Posted on 3/4/13)
My frist order!Review by kelly
How do you rate this product
I absolutely loved the sinus supplements.I have bad sinus problems and when I took both pills I could actually breathe and did not have to take any de congestion that day!! I will definitely buy that supplement! The BBQ kale chips were also good I think I will try another flavor not to keen on BBQ! (Posted on 2/23/13)
love itReview by Pat
How do you rate this product
I love all the samples, can't wait to get the next box (Posted on 2/21/13)
its okay Review by Anyely
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doesnt come with as much stuff as the wieght loss box (Posted on 1/27/13)
Great stuffReview by Leah
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I love my box it has a nice assortment of things to try out (Posted on 1/26/13)
First bulu boxReview by Tracy
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I received my first bulu box in the mail today, I was just wondering the other day when it would be here. I was excited it open it to see what its contenets were. I received dream water , which I recently seen at Walmart and was wondering what it was, now I get to try it out for myself. I also received this Red Stinger Black Label, professional strength all day energy plus appetite control, which I'm probably going to let my 18 year old son try. I also received. I also received this immuno gum, mixed berry flavor, I'm definitely excited to try this, definitely need immunity boost with having a little baby and kids around the house, and this sinus, homepathic medicine that I'm excited to try because with ever changing weather in PA, my sinuses are always bothering me. Then the last thing I received is something called perfect blocks, not sure what it is but it says it's some kind of perfect blend for optimal health and wellness. I'm very excited to try these things out and look forward to new things coming in the mail every month (Posted on 1/25/13)
I BULU TOOReview by Jolene
I GOT TO BULU BOX BETA! GOT MY BOX! LOTS OF GOODIES! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 3/31/12)
i gave bulu 5 greats because thats what i think of the 5 samples (Posted on 3/31/12)
Awesome idea.Review by PJ
Bulu is a great idea - I'm trying stuff out that I would had never purchased before. It's nice not to have a closet full of supplements collecting dust. Now I can actually find new stuff and not just wander into the supplement aisle. Bulu is a darn good idea. Excited for my subscription. (Posted on 3/31/12)
Woohoo for Bulu!Review by Ally B
I was lucky enough to get in on Bulu Box Beta and get a free box! When my first box arrived I was super excited to find out what I got - I wan't let down!!! There was energy, diet, protein and even some hangover pills I never knew existed! Glad I know now ;) (Posted on 3/31/12)

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