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    Reparapet Hip and Joint Health

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    Product Description

    Introducing a natural anti-inflammatory and health supplement for pets suffering with arthritis, sore joints, lack of energy and other age related symptoms. 

    Key benefits include: 

    • Relieves joint pain and inflammation in areas used most 
    • Provides fast, active results in as little as 7-10 days 
    • Rebuilds and strengthens the entire joint matrix including cartilage 
    • Increases energy and mobility 
    • Prevents joint problems due to aging/over-use 

    More effective than Glucosamine alone, research-proven ingredients, safe and natural. Reparapet for Hip & Joint Health contains natural ingredients based on leading research, including a proprietary combination Regenarin TM Complex - Glucosamine, Cats Claw and Maca Root. By combining these ingredients into one singular format, pets receive all of their unique benefits, including: fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief, increased joint cartilage and support, decreased inflammation and swelling.*

    This product is designed for pets. Not for human consumption.


    Additional Information

     Directions: Depending on the size of your pet, often 1-2 capsules daily can provide noticeable, long-lasting results and benefits, including energy and vitality. 

    Supplement Facts 

    Glucosamine: Comprised of the amino acid (glutamine) and sugar (glucose), it is a proven and essential building block of joint cartilage. For years, doctors and leading health professionals have recommended Glucosamine for joint health, pain and inflammation. 

    Cat's Claw: Derived from woody vines in Peru, Amazonian Indians have used Cats Claw for centuries to treat arthritis, ulcers, various diseases and cancer. A study in Journal of Rheumatology showed it can help treat symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and joint pain.

    Maca Root: This 'super-food' root vegetable is cultivated in the High Andes of Bolivia, and contains a powerful profile of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sterols, fatty acids, and glucosinates. Studies show provides a variety of health benefits, including energy and vitality.o

    Warnings: This product is for pets. Not intended for human consumption. Keep away from children.

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