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What is Bulu Box?

What is Burn Blend Box?

How much does a Bulu Box subscription cost?

When will I receive my first Bulu Box? And when can I expect each box after that?

Why is my subscription order status "processing"?

Can I switch my subscription's box type?

What is your cancellation policy?

How does a Month-to-Month Subscription work?

Will my subscription auto-renew?

If I have a 3, 6 or 12 Month Subscription, what happens when I reach my last month?

What happens when I cancel a 3, 6 or 12 Month Subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription membership?

Am I able to return or exchange a Bulu Box?

I saw a great deal for a subscription! If I buy this deal, what happens if I have a subscription in my account already?

How do I change the email address linked to my Bulu Box account?

I already have a Bulu Box Weight Loss or Original Subscription. Can I upgrade to the Burn Blend Box?


Where does Bulu Box ship to?

Do you ship to U.S. military addresses, Puerto Rico, Canada or countries other than the United States?

How much does shipping cost?

If I have a Bulu Box subscription, when will my boxes ship to me?

Will I be able to track my shipment?

How are full-size products shipped?

How do I update my address for my subscription?

When I try to update my address, it says it's not valid!

My Bulu Box hasn't shown up. Help!

How do I update my Default Shipping or Billing Addresses?


Are the samples in my Bulu Box safe to take?

I loved my product sample! Where can I purchase it in full-size?

Can I choose which samples I get in my Bulu Box?

I’m an NCAA athlete. How do I know the supplements meet NCAA regulations?

What allergen information do I need to know about Bulu Box?

I won the lottery. Now what?

How does my User Profile Survey affect the samples I’ll receive in my subscription box?

Sample Surveys

Where can I find my Sample Surveys?

How many days do I get to take my Sample Surveys each month?

What do I get for filling out sample surveys?


How do I update my credit card payment information?

Are there any hidden fees?

How does Bulu Box subscription billing work?

Help! My card was declined!

I'm having trouble completing my checkout!

I received an email that my payment was declined for my subscription. How can I update it?

Rewards Points

What happened to Rewards Points?


What is Bulu Box's return and exchange policy?

Promotions and Coupon Codes

How do I use a coupon code for a subscription?

How do I used a coupon code for a full-size product?

I forgot to use my promo code!

What if my promo code doesn’t work?