10 Healthy Hacks for Your Fitness Lifestyle


Health Hacking is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method used to increase productivity and efficiency. In normal people speak it means something that helps you accomplishes your healthy goal or workout in an easier, more efficient way. Here are our 10 health/fitness hacks to help you achieve your goals!

1. Create a playlist that lasts as long as you want to workout.
This works great for endurance workouts like running and spinning. Pull all your favorite pump-up songs together into one playlist and watch the total time length on the playlist. End the playlist once it hits your total workout time goal. That way when you’re doing your workout you can get completely in the zone and know when you’re getting close to being done in a motivating way!

2. Use a fitness tracker.
Fitness trackers are getting more and more advanced these days. There are also tons of options our there like the Nike+ Fuelband, Jawbone Up, and the Fitbit. These trackers work by counting your steps, stairs climbed, miles walk and more. Some even track your sleep! Couple this with a food tracking app and you’ve got all the data laid out in front of you to see where you can improve and where you’re rockin’ it for your healthy lifestyle.

3. Sleep in your workout clothes.
This might seem silly but waking up ready to roll in the morning could be the extra step you need to get your feet on the floor and out the door!

Pro-tip: Wear your socks to bed to avoid your feet hitting any cold floors that can send you diving right back under the covers.

4. Listen to an intriguing audiobook or podcast while you workout BUT only let yourself listen to it while you workout.
Not sure what’s going to happen to the main character? Will they ever find that hidden treasure? Stay tuned and get excited for the next workout to find out.

5. Make TV time a healthy time by stretching.
Clear a space in front of your television and do some light stretching while you watch your favorite show. You’ll be amazed how flexible you can become over time by incorporating this small stretching session into your workout plan.

Looking for a deeper stretch? Try doing foam roller moves. Here are a few of our favorite moves: 8 Foam Roller Moves to Master.

6. Stand at your desk.
Standing at your desk burns up to 50 more calories an hour than sitting! Standing while you work can have a dramatic impact on your health and help you lose weight without even thinking about it! Read more in this article Standing on Weekdays Burns Calories like Running 10 Marathons in a Year.

7. Do a quick workout before hitting the “play next episode” button on Netflix.
We can all relate, it’s mid-season of your new favorite TV show on Netflix and you’re about to hit “play next” for the 3rd time tonight. But wait! Don’t hit that button quite yet (and stop it from auto-playing). Take this time to do a quick workout. Maybe that’s 20 jumping jacks, or some push ups and crunches. Whatever your workout, just interject a few minutes of exercise between episodes. By the end of your Orange is the New Black marathon you’ll have finished a whole workout!

Not sure what mini workout to do? Do each round of this Tummy Tucker Workout in between episodes.

8. Always have a gym bag at the ready.
Have a gym bag with a few extra clothes and shoes tucked away in the trunk of your car so if you’re debating the gym during lunch or after work you can eliminate one excuse not to go! Be ready to sweat anytime!

9. Add 1 – 2 lbs per week to your weight lifting regime.
It doesn’t seem like much, especially as you get stronger, but by adding 1 extra pound to your lifts per week you can add up to 50 lbs onto your lift in one year! As the weight gets heavier and heavier you may have to stay at certain weights longer but it’s a great way to challenge yourself to keep getting stronger!

10. Turn your phone on airplane mode while you workout.
Many of us find ourselves using our phones as an ipod, fitness tracker, and timer during our workout. But it can also act as a major distracter during your workout. Try putting your phone on airplane mode to avoid any interuptions or distractions. It will keep you in the zone and is a nice break from the outside world for a bit.


Your Turn: What’s your favorite Health/Fitness hack that you use?


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