10 Top Tips for Healthy Living by Charlotte Dodson


BULU: What 10 Top Tips can you suggest to kick-start our Well-Being? 
Charlotte:There’s no way around it: we can only “be” what we eat – and what exercises we do as well! Everything that is outlined below pertains to being conscious and aware of our daily ‘health-full’ habits, and working towards “embodying” our vision of optimal wellness!

 1) Positive intention/goal. Start your day with a positive ‘Well-Being’ affirmation, and refer back to it whenever you need an inspirational reminder. It’s amazing how this simple activity can manifest itself in your everyday reality – you’ll naturally follow your intention if you give it enough time (and regular reinforcement) to take root!

2) BREATHE! The most effective way to oxygenate your blood, boost your metabolism, and launch yourself into the day ahead, is to breathe deeply (1-2-3-4-5 counts, on both inhale and exhale).

3) Check in and work to your fitness limit (not beyond). With physical exercise – and life in general – it’s vital that you work within your capabilities; always examine how you’re feeling at that moment in time. Remember to always believe in yourself and stay strong, especially when times are challenging.

4) Keep moving.  Energy gives you energy! Commit yourself to daily movements: attending a fitness or yoga class, walking your dog around the park … any activity that gets you “into your body” will keep you light and energized.

5) Stay hydrated and rehydrate. My personal favorite way of staying hydrated is drinking coconut water. Sometimes your body’s signals for being thirsty can be mistaken as hunger for food! Ensure that you’re fully hydrated from morning til night so you can achieve that inner healthy glow.

6) Get plenty of sleep. There’s a reason it’s called ‘beauty sleep’ – ensuring adequate nightly levels of deep sleep is one of the key essentials to maintaining a youthful-looking, healthy, glowing skin.

7) Everything in moderation is the key. No matter what may trigger your negative emotional ‘buttons’, try not to binge, either with food or drink, while also remembering to treat yourself now and again.

8) Choose wisely. When it comes to meal options, always go for fresh organic light meals, salads and raw/steamed veggies – it’ll keep your figure shaped-up and ready for bikini weather!

9) Time out. Always give yourself some ‘me’ time. In this fast-paced, distracting, chaotic urban world around us, this is an easy habit to forget. Whether you dip into the ocean or paint a picture, anything that relaxes your nervous system and brings a stillness to your soul is a form of yoga – “to find a place of peacefulness”.

10) Rest up. Sometimes our biggest challenge can be to stop everything, absorbing the moment you find yourself immersed within; lay in ‘savasana’, allowing all of your organs to breathe and your limbs to completely relax – it’s an effective ‘powernap’ that you can do at anytime!

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