21 Things to Do on the Longest Day of the Year


June 21st is the longest day of the year and that makes it a great reason to spend some time outdoors being active or just relaxing! Here’s our list for 21 ways to spend the longest day of the year.

1. Go for a bike ride: Work your leg muscles while also burning calories in a fun way. Look up bike trails near where you live for a more scenic ride.

2. Hit the Waves: Take a swim in the worlds largest pool, the ocean! Fighting through the waves is a heck of a workout and so much fun! Just make sure you lather up with some sun screen to protect yourself in the extended sunlight hours.

3. Talk a Walk Through a Forest: Just make sure to bring bug spray and a friend so you don’t get lost!

4. Take a Picnic: Pack up a healthy lunch, blanket and maybe a bottle of wine before hitting up your favorite picnic spot.

5. Do Some Lawn Work: Nothing smells better on a nice summer day than fresh cut grass. If you don’t live near a forest you can still reconnect with nature by taking care of your lawn.

6. Rent a Kayak: Have some nice calm water near you? Try renting a kayak and go out for a paddle. It’s a great workout and very relaxing.

7. Do Your Workout at the Park: Try doing your workout at a local park. There are tons of workout videos online all about using monkey bars, swings, etc. to get in a workout. Be warned: Go early to beat the rush of kids at the park.

8. Grill Out: Pick up some kabobs and fire up the grill! Today’s the perfect day for that delicious smokey flavor.

9. Get a Hammock: Do you have two trees (or the ability to dig two post holes) in your yard? String up a hammock beneath them and spend some time reading or just relaxing in the shade.

10. Sip some Sangria: Make yourself some tasty sangria (here’s a recipe we like) and sit back sipping some citrus deliciousness.

11. Hit the Dog Park: Have a furry friend living with you? Let them enjoy the day with you by taking them out to a local dog park to run free while you enjoy the beautiful weather.

12. Watch the Sunrise: Take a walk at sunrise and admire the beautiful colors of the morning. Set an alarm though because it will be early!

13. Then Watch the Sunset: You watched the sunrise so why not make it through the whole day and watch the sunset. There’s something very cool about seeing the beginning and end of one continuous day.

14. Visit an Apple Orchard: Do you live in an area where apple orchards are within driving distance? Load up the car and head out to try some real homemade apple cider.

15. Go Fishing: String up a line and head down to your local lake, pond or stream and spend the day by the water relaxing and catching a few fish.

16. Complete a DIY project: Pinterest has a million great DIY projects. Try setting up a small workshop in your garage or driveway and create something cool!

17. Take a Surf Lesson: Do you live on the coast but have never actually tried surfing? Make today the day! Sign up for a surf lesson and hang ten all day.

18. Go to a Local Concert: Go online and see if your city has any local concerts happening. Maybe they have something going on in your local park. Take a blanket and soak in the vibes!

19. Plant a Garden: Pick up an earth box or a few pots and some seeds from your local nursery and start a garden of fresh veggies. You’ll thank yourself by the end of the summer when you taste your first home-grown cherry tomato.

20. Take a Day-trip: Load up the car and head out to somewhere you’ve been wanting to go. Plus, because it’s the longest day of the year, you’ll get the longest “day-trip” ;).

21. Relax and Enjoy!: It’s a Saturday full of summer sun and warm weather. Take some time for yourself to relax and enjoy the day in anyway you see fit. :)

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