3 Must-Haves to Avoid a Thanksgiving Day Disaster


Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when the family unites and embarks on a day of feasting, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. To help ensure everyone’s happiness on this special day, make sure you have the right tips to achieve Thanksgiving Day success!

Tip #1: Not everyone eats the same food
It’s almost inevitable, someone is trying out a new diet or someone forgot to mention that they’ve been vegetarian for a year now. Don’t fret, you can still easily accommodate everyone’s diet on this feasting day! Check out new recipes to find new ways to make traditional Thanksgiving food. Also, check out our “Healthy Switch-a-Roos” to help keep calories lower but still have that amazing taste!

Did your guests arrive a little earlier than expected and are already hungry from the long drive? Grab something light and convenient that almost everyone can have! Try Mediterranean Snacks HummuZ Crackers to help curb hunger without ruining someone’s diet. (They’re even gluten free friendly!)!

Tip #2: Keeping up with the Crazy!
Whether you’re running the show or helping in the kitchen, you’re bound to get exhausted. Keep the right supplies handy to help you stay on your feet and enjoy every second of this fun-filled day! Most importantly, make sure to keep hydrated. So many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving that they forget about water, and you’ll definitely need it if you decide to partake in a couple libations. Also, keep the right nutrients handy – supplements like Motiv-8 will help give you feel good energy without the added sugars and bonus – burn some of those pumpkin pie cals ;)

Tip #3: Having good company
Are you envisioning children running around yelling and dogs barking while you’re trying to set the table? Well, no worries if you are because we have just the solution for you to prevent this! Make the children feel extra special and ask them to help you set the table or help you set out the food. Also, worried about the kids feeding the dogs under the table? Give them something that the dog can eat and they can too! Yup, you read that right – Yaff Energy Bars are both human and fido-friendly! Yaff bars ingredients are clean and won’t upset the dogs or the little ones’ stomachs.

Your Turn: What’s your go-to Thanksgiving tip to help keep all the guests happy? 

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