4 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Workout Routine


If you’ve been using the same workout routine, there’s a good chance your future holds plateaus, boredom, missed goals and maybe even a little frustration. The problem may be in the routine itself.

If you want your future to be full of weight loss, faster times and more muscle tone, you might want to change your routine—maybe not every day, but at least every few weeks.

Why should you switch it up?
Sticking to one steady workout routine for weeks or months on end might be comforting in the way it allows you to get in and get out on a set schedule (and feel entirely at ease while you’re working out). But it might not be allowing your body to get the most out of your movements.

To get stronger, bodies need to be continually challenged. Once your muscles become accustomed to certain workouts (once the pain stops, in other words), it’s important to mix things up a little.

Don’t know if you need to change your workout routine? Here are four signs that it’s time for a change:

1.  You’re bored.
When working out becomes work, it might be time for a change. Boredom is the scourge of would-be athletes everywhere—and it can strike without warning.

If you used to look forward to working out but now feel like it’s the last thing you want to be doing, you’re bored. And chances are good that your body’s bored too. Changing your workout will not only re-engage your mind, but it will get your body back into the groove. You might even wake up with a few muscle aches the next morning, which will remind you that you’re making progress.

2. You’ve stopped making progress. 
Every athlete hits plateaus. Weight lifters can’t get over the 200-pound mark on the bench press. Runners can’t break the six-minute mile. People who can’t shed that last five pounds.

Their bodies (and maybe yours, too) have adapted to the exercises that used to be challenging. They’ve gotten as far as they’re going to go with their current routines. They need to change things up to lift a little more, run a little faster and drop a few more pounds.

3. You’re overtraining. 
If you wake up with aches and feel tired and rundown, you’re probably overtraining and pushing too hard.

Changing your workout to be a little less intense might actually help you reach your goals. You won’t hurt quite as much. You’ll have more energy. And you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

4. You’ve mastered it. 
One of the nice things about setting workout goals is that it keeps you motivated. There’s also nothing like the feeling of reaching your goals. But once you’ve mastered it, what are you going to do?

Try signing up for a new workout class at your gym or maybe give CrossFit a try. Switching up your workout helps your body build more lean muscle and lose weight faster.


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