5 Free Fitness Apps for Super Busy People


Oftentimes we find ourselves rushing around to end up… well… sitting in our chair. Some of the busiest people spend 8+ hours each day crossing off tasks that revolve around their desk. In a study by the European Heart Journal, it was found that moving around for just two extra hours each day, BMI and waist circumference can decrease.

We know, we know. It’s not easy to find two extra hours of free time. Try adding a quick workout into your routine with one of these free fitness apps designed for the busiest of people.

SWORKIT is an app designed to help you break a sweat in minimal time. Simply choose the type of activity and allot a preferred amount of time for the workout. The only equipment needed is yourself and a motivated attitude.
2. Seven
Only seven minutes per day are required to complete the workouts designed for you on the Seven app. Similar to SWORKIT, no equipment is necessary for the Seven workouts. Each workout includes interactive guided instruction to ensure each move is performed with the correct technique.

3. Nike Training Club
With over 100 workouts created by numerous of trainers from a variety of levels, Nike Training Club allows you to choose your goal, find your workout, and follow your plan. 

4. FitStar Yoga
FitStar Yoga begins with an introductory session to figure out your yoga practice level. Then, it creates personalized workouts for you to follow. No studio necessary! With the free version of this app, each week you’ll receive one personalized workout along with another freestyle session. 

5. C25K (Couch to 5K)
The C25K app is designed to turn newbie runners into 5K experts in 8 weeks! Weekly you’ll be pushed three times for 30-40 minutes to increase endurance and distance. Once completed, you’ll be on your way to running marathons in no time!

While it may seem impossible to find a chunk of time in your day to break a sweat, it will pay off in the long run. What tips do you have for sneaking a quick workout into your busy schedule?


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