5 Mistakes You’re Making that Result in Overeating

Mistakes Your Making that Lead to Overeating | Bulu Box | Weight Loss | Sample Superior vitamins and supplements

People eat for many reasons other than hunger, which is a part of why obesity is such a widespread problem. Food is associated with variety of activities in our lives so that you may find yourself regularly eating when you are not hungry and eating too much even when you are. If you regularly find yourself feeling uncomfortably full, then you may have a problem with overeating.

Healthy weight loss starts with you identifying your dietary issues and figuring out why you are taking in too many calories. Consider the following mistakes that can lead to overeating.

1. You Are Sleep Deprived
One report by the American Heart Association showed that people who were sleep deprived ate 500 more calories daily when compared to people who got enough sleep. Getting sufficient sleep helps to regulate how much you eat along with your body’s ability to burn off calories. The time of day that you eat is also important; if you eat at night when you should be asleep, your body is more likely to convert those calories to fat than is to burn them off. Adequate sleep is therefore a major factor in healthy weight loss.

2. Skipping Breakfast
For some people, this is the point in the day when they feel least like eating and this makes breakfast an easy meal to skip. No one ever said that weight loss would be easy; in fact, if it is, you are probably doing something wrong. In this case, you are setting yourself up to binge eat later on in the day. It is far better to cook a healthy low-calorie breakfast than to go without. Here are some of our favorite light n’ healthy breakfast ideas.

3. Eating from Stress
One of the ways some people deal with stress is to binge eat their favorite comfort foods. In most cases, what we define as comfort foods are high in fats and sugar. It is thought that your body produces a hormone called cortisol when stressed, cortisol causes an appetite increase. The solution to the problem is twofold: first, address the sources of stress in your life and also replace your comfort foods with healthy snacks.

Mistakes Your Making that Lead to Overeating | Bulu Box | Weight Loss | Sample Superior vitamins and supplements

4. Eating in Front of the TV or Computer
Anything that takes your mind off what you are putting into your body tends to be bad. Because you are completely focused on what you are watching, you may not be mindful of just how much food you are eating. You may continue eating until the show ends and you turn the screen off instead of stopping when you feel full. For healthy weight loss, stay away from the screen and focus on your food.

5. Eating from Boredom
Sometimes eating may seem like the only thing interesting to do. If you find that this is regularly the case with you, you may want to actively seek out activities that can distract you from the desire to eat. Eating should not be your go-to option for dealing with boredom.

If you can identify the factors that sabotage your attempts at healthy weight loss, you are well ahead of the game. Learn to correct your bad habits in order to lose weight and keep it off.


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