5 Reasons We’re Crushing on Shailene Woodley


You might know Shailene Woodley from The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Divergent, this 22-year old actress is way more than what you see on screen. Shailene has an awesome view on healthy living and we’re admiring her for it. Here are just 5 reasons why we’re currently crushing.

1. She Practices Natural Remedies 

Oil Pulling and eating clay are among the many rituals that Shailene practices almost daily. Oil pulling helps remove the plaque on your teeth, for a healthier and whiter smile, and we even tried it for ourselves – see here! Eating clay is another ritual Woodley swears by, “I’ve discovered that clay is great for you because your body doesn’t absorb it, and it apparently provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes.”

2. Her Passion for Nature and the Environment

Shailene discovered her passion for the environment at an early age when she walked across her high school’s quad and found trash scattered across it. She knew that something was wrong with the way it was being treated and from there she wanted to dedicate her life to helping it.

3. She’s Fearless

“Living in state of fear makes no sense,” Woodley says. “If I have x number of days to live, I am not going to live them in fear. Where’s the laughter in it? Where’s the joy?”

4. She’s a Strong Believer in Herbal Health

Shailene first began researching American agriculture and quickly realized how much she needed organic food to eat, however it’s pricey so she dug deeper. Woodley researched what Native American cultures ate and she began to mirror how they ate, a hunter-gatherer way of using what’s around you. She created her own medicines and quickly discovered her body was changing and “it was eye-opening,” Shailene proclaimed.

5. Her Natural Skin Routine

Woodley keeps everything on her skin natural with all-natural makeup, face cleaners, you name it. Even though she doesn’t wear makeup often, when she does it’s 100% natural. When she gets dressed up for special events (like the Oscars!) Shailene “respect(s) the establishment, but I don’t sacrifice my own integrity. I wouldn’t wear fake eyelashes or crazy extensions. It’s always me – just maybe the public, pretty-in-a-Cinderella-dress me.”

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