5 Things All Girls Who Workout Do but Won’t Admit To


We asked the Bulu Crew ladies and our Bulugans to find your Fit Girl Confessions. Check them out below!

1. Planning Your Workout According to Your Hair
Fresh blowout? It’s a light yoga day. Bad hair day? Go HAM so that you can wash it two days in a row without feeling guilty!


2. Planning Your Workout According to Your LEG Hair
We’ve all done it, whether we’re overdue for a wax or couldn’t make it to the store to get fresh razors. Usually this means passing up the booty shorts and squats by the cute guy who’s there on Tuesdays for pants and something less sweat-inducing or eye-catching.

3. Gotten Creeped Out by Someone Using the Machine Right Next to You
Seriously, there are 5 empty treadmills in this row. Give a girl some breathing room, please.


4. Catching Yourself Accidentally Racing the Person on the Machine Next to You
So we didn’t want you on the elliptical right next to you. But we’ll be darned if we don’t catch ourselves checking your mileage and at least pacing you, if not outright trying to beat your pace.

5. Skipped a Class because Your Usual Instructor is Out
I know I like the way Karen teaches cycling, okay? Whether it’s the poor experience of a subpar instructor or their music choices that turns you off changing instructors, there’s nothing shameful about skipping a class for a regular workout… or drinks with a friend. 80/20 Lifestyle, right?

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