5 Things We Learned from Our October Samples


This month’s box was full of great products that had some really unique benefits! See what surprised us below.

Turmeric isn’t just for cooking.
We learned from YouTheory Turmeric Advanced that turmeric isn’t just great for cooking; it also contains a group of antioxidants called curcuminoids that support a healthy inflammation response, which can support a healthy immune system.

Fish oil supplements don’t have to be fishy.
Getting your omega-3s don’t have to mean swallowing giant fish oil pills. We learned from Barleans that your daily fish oil could taste like a delicious smoothie. You can add it seamlessly to a smoothie but we prefer taking ours straight!

Protein shakes and bars aren’t the only way to get protein.
A huge find this month was MHP Fit and Lean Power Pak Pudding cups! They’re delicious, like normal pudding, but contain 15g of muscle-building protein and only 100-calories. What!? Crazy, right?

Weight loss hot chocolate exists, and it’s tasty!
Maximum Slim Cocoa is a tasty hot cocoa mix that contains weight loss ingredients like Green Coffee Bean extract to help you lose weight, one delicious cup at a time. It’s starting to get cold at Bulu HQ so this will definitely be a must in the coming months as the temps continue to drop.

A new formula means a more powerful experience.
BSN just released its latest version of N.O. – Xplode and it is INTENSE. We’re definitely recommending just half a packet to test your tolerance level. We took it before working out and it not only powered us through a workout but through our errands after the gym! It’s great if you’re really looking for an extra kick to amp you up before the gym.

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