5 Tips for a Healthier Home

Have you ever heard the saying, “A happy home is a healthy home?” Believe it or not, your home plays a large part in your overall health. Here are a few tips and tricks to achieving a happy, healthy home.

1. Healthy food placements
On-the-go and need to grab a quick snack fast? How about snaggin’ one of those juicy apples on the table! Keeping healthier snacks within reach will keep you from knawing on the not-so-healthy snacks.

Personal Gym-Couch
“Drop and give me a commercial break!” What if you strategically placed 5 pound dumbbells by your couch, and during every commercial you lifted those suckas? That’s a pretty good workout for not even going to the gym! You can even put a treadmill in front of the TV so you can run while you catch up on your favorite shows! Having something in your house to workout with will also come in handy when the days get colder and you don’t want to leave the warmth of your house.

Pantry makeover
A healthy pantry is just what the doctor ordered! It takes more than just health food to keep you on the right track? Having everything organized will help you maximize your healthy eating habits because everything will be easier to get to and find! A good tip is to put the healthiest foods at eye-level and the less-healthy foods go up top, where you may need a step stool to get to. Also, use bins and labels to help organize foods. Check out our pinterest page for free printable labels and more kitchen organization ideas!

De-Clutter for health
Less clutter equals less stress and less stress equals a healthier and happier life! Start by creating a “command center” in your home. This can include a calendar, chalkboard, and file bins. The command center is where you can stay organized with to-do lists, bills, etc. Everyday, spend 10-15 minutes cleaning up an area and organizing your command center that way you can stay on top of things and avoid getting overwhelmed with a whole house to clean and organize, and most importantly, avoid stress!

Be environmentally friendly
Being healthy doesn’t just begin and end with healthy food and exercise! It also includes living environmentally friendly, not only for mother earth, but for your health! Some quick and easy ways to live more environmentally friendly is to filter your tap water, use greener cleaners and pesticides, pick your plastics carefully, and so many more tips! Find more ways to stay healthy here.


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