5 Tips To Protect Your Ta-Tas

5 Tips for Breast Cancer Awareness | Bulu Box Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and the Bulu Crew wants to help spread awareness about getting yourself (or your significant other) checked out sooner, rather than later.

Young women have lower risks of developing breast cancer, but if it does develop it’s often more aggressive because it goes unchecked for longer periods of time. There are a few things you can do today to decrease your risk of developing cancer tomorrow – or at least increase the likelihood of catching it early.

1. Get checked out!
Early detection is the best form of prevention. Ask your doctor to perform a mammogram if you think you are at a higher risk. Give yourself an exam when you’re in the shower, or ask your significant other to see if they feel anything different.

2. Maintain a healthy weight
Carrying around extra pounds and being overweight can increase your risk. So, getting your heart rate up about 5 days a week for about 45 minutes can help keep your body and mind healthy. Exercising regularly can improve your immune system, lower estrogen levels, and keep off those extra pounds.

3. Scan the family tree
Ask family members if your mother, grandmother or any aunts have been diagnosed with breast cancer or ovarian cancer, because if they have, your chances of developing one of these cancers has doubled. Also check with them to see if they have been tested for the BRCA (BReast CAncer) gene. Having this gene mutation can increase your risk of developing breast cancer by 87% and ovarian cancer by 44%. 

4. Drink less alcohol.
Consuming less than 6 servings of alcohol a week can drastically decrease your chances of developing breast cancer and other types of cancers. So switch up your end of the week rituals and pass on that extra glass of wine or can of beer. Your ta-tas will thank you later!

5. Eat mo’ veggies!
This popular motherly saying gets truer and truer as time goes on. Broccoli and kale not only can be simply added to any recipe, but they also contain sulforaphane, which is believed to help prevent cancer cells from multiplying.



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