5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy Today


Sometimes it’s hard to be happy. Like when you’ve skipped a workout, can’t find your favorite shoes, forgotten to pay a bill and now your co-worker is telling you that he hasn’t done a single thing he was supposed to in time for your afternoon presentation. Instead of taking your cues from Office Space, try one of these 5 easy ways to get happy today!

Start Simple

Take 2 minutes and list all the things you’re thankful for, call up a friend and tell them how happy you are that they’re in your life or listen to your favorite song. Expressing gratitude has been directly connected to happiness and music has a long history of mood-boosting effects. Or you could just click over to this Greatist post with 5 of the most fantastic mustaches we’ve EVER seen.

Fake It until You Feel It

There’s a reason this saying has stuck around. The act of smiling sends a signal to your brain that helps create a better mood. Smile at someone else for a double dose of happy!

Get Out of Town

A vacation can certainly boost your mood, but that’s not always possible. Return to nature with a quick walk outside—the further from the concrete jungle the better, city folk—and stop to smell the roses while you’re out, okay?

Try Something New

People who try new things, from learning a game to trying a new restaurant, are happier than people who stick to their own status quo. Don’t be afraid of failing, and be kind to yourself when it happens—just get out and try! One of the Bulu Crew’s core values is “Be Fearless,” and we think it’s a great one!

Hang Out

Don’t try to soothe your blues with “treats” that actually make you feel bad later. Instead of a few glasses of wine or a pint of ice cream, reach for the phone and plan a meet-up with a friend or two. Meaningful conversation (i.e. not complaining about your day!) with people not only creates a feeling of connecting, it has a much bigger emotional payout than a guilty pleasure.

What’s your go-to when you’re feeling down?

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