6 Moves For Better Balance [GIFs]

6 Moves For Better Balance [GIFs] | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

Balance is more important than you might think! Not only can it help you do things like walk a tightrope (you never know when that skill will come in handy) but it can also help make you stronger and more flexible. Use these 6 moves to help you build your balance and strengthen your core. 

1. Single Leg Shoulder Press
Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Curl your dumbbells up and raise them until your arms are at a 90 degree angle out from your body. Then, when you’re ready, lift one foot off the ground. Once you’ve achieved your balance start pumping out some reps by raising the weight above your head and lowering back to the 90 degree angle. Can you do 20 in a row!?one_legged_shoulder_press

2. The Reaching Plank
Start in a push up position with arms locked out, legs behind and back in a straight line with the rest of your body (don’t let your booty come up). Once you’ve established this position lift one hand off the ground as you lift the opposite leg at the same time. Go slow and lower back to starting position once you’re extended. Alternate sides to work your whole body. Too difficult? Try doing these on your knees and work your way up!reaching_plank


3. Exercise Ball Crunches
Start by placing your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Then, with an exercise ball behind you, put one leg up onto the ball. Once you’ve established your balance bring up the other leg on top of the ball and use your arms to stabilize. Have your shins resting on the exercise ball and when you’re ready crunch your core by bringing your knees to your chest, letting the ball roll with you. 

4. Exercise Ball Pikes
Set up the same as the Exercise Ball Crunch but instead of crunching in lift your butt up toward the ceiling while keeping your toes pointed and letting the ball roll with you until only your feet are on the ball. 

5. One Legged Squats.
Set up in normal squat position with foot slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lift one leg off the ground and bend it back at a 90 degree angle. Then do your squat by lowering as close to the ground as you can and come back up by firing through the heel that is still on the ground.

6. The Pistol Squat
This one is tough! Set up exactly the same as the one-legged squat but instead of bending the leg off the ground at the knee, extend it out in front of you. Then, with your arms stretch in front of you, lower your self down and bring yourself back up by again firing through the heel. How many can you do!?

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