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6 Steps To A Slimmer You

6 Steps to a Slimmer You! | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

If your main goal is to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, you need to plan your day to make it easier for you to succeed. We have compiled a list of easy to do options that you can start implementing into your life today that will have you looking slimmer by the end of the week.

Plan Your Food

Keep a journal. No, not like your attempt at a journaling in middle school. A food journal can help you learn what you need to change and when. Instead of saying you will stop eating something all together, try this: “ I am going to substitute _____ for ______”.

Shop Smarter.  All grocery stores are pretty much set up the same. All the fresh produce is set up around the perimeter and everything else that may not be the healthiest for you is found within the isles. As you shop, note to always have these few items in your cart: milk, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, a healthy portion of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain pasta or bread and a fish or lean meat. Check out the “History of the Food Pyramid” to get a better idea of what foods you want to put in your cart.

Slimmer Snacks. Once you know when you’re the most prone to snacking with help from your food journal, here is your opportunity to pick healthier snacks that won’t pack on the calories.Fresh veggies and hummus, dried fruit, or even light popcorn are great options and can be conveniently stored in these lunch pots from Black + Blum. 

Black + Blum Lunch Pots | Bulu Box Sample Superior Vitamins and SupplementsThey are the prefect vessel to carry your nutritious breakfast or lunch to work, a definite upgrade from the brown paper bag. Another option for a healthy snack is PROMAX Fit’n’Crisp – it’s low in carbs, but high in protein and will keep you full throughout the afternoon. Have a bit of a sweet tooth around 4pm? CocoaVia has an assortment of chocolate and fruit daily cocoa extract supplement that is easily mixed with low-fat yogurt!

Plan Your Exercise

The First Step. We all know the hardest step in the morning is to get out of bed and put on those tennis shoes. However, if you have a workout buddy and a punch of Click Expresso Protein, there is nothing stopping you from burning some serious calories before the workday starts.

Set a date. Would you ditch out on a date with someone important in your life? No! Of course not! So, why not make a “date” with yourself, the most important investment, three times a week at a set time for a serious sweat session? Plan out these “dates” that make the most sense in your week, and plan your days accordingly.

Reward yourself. Made a healthy swap that has helped you drop 2-3 pounds? Crushed that 6am workout all week and now your jeans fit better? GO YOU! Go do something you enjoy like taking in that new blockbuster film, buy a new dress, or just enjoy a date night with the significant other. Whatever motivates you to stick to your plan, utilize it. Having a plan to stick to will help you not only survive the week, but will increase your confidence that you can stick to your weight loss goals!


Your Turn: In what ways do you plan your day for success?



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