6 Ways You’re Slowing Your Metabolism


We’ve compiled a list of 6 unhealthy habits that are actually slowing your body’s own ability to burn fat! A few healthy switches can have your metabolism running at maximum capacity in no-time!

1. You skip breakfast.

Skipping breakfast, or any meal, can be detrimental to your efforts to lose weight. If you’re eating less than 1,200 calories (the average amount needed for basic biological function) your metabolism actually begins to slow and your body begins breaking down calorie-burning muscle tissue for energy. Breakfast is especailly important because it gets your immune system up and at it! Try eating healthy snacks between meals to keep your immune system up and running.

2. Your carbs are white.

Bleached and refined grains eliminate much of the nutritional content of the grain and fiber. Switching to whole wheat bread and pasta helps boost your fiber intake which can help burn additional fat.

3. You’re missing the protein.

Having protein in every meal helps your body maintain its calorie burning muscle. Including protein in each meal doesn’t have to mean including meat in every meal. Foods like nuts, yogurt and tofu all have muscle-sustaining protein in them.

4. You pump iron but aren’t eating it.

Iron-rich foods are important for carrying the oxygen necessary for your muscles to burn fat. Women are especially susceptible to iron loss through menstruation. Running on low levels of iron can lead to low energy and a drop in metabolism. Try adding a little extra shellfish, lean meat, beans or spinach to your meals for a boost of iron!

5. You don’t get enough of this crucial vitamin.

Getting enough vitamin D is essential for preserving metabolism-boosting muscle tissue. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans today don’t get enough vitamin D in their daily diet. Try boosting your iron by taking Simple Being Vitamin D-3.

6. Your happy hour is a little too happy.

When you drink alcohol your body begins to burn the alcohol as fuel, which causes you to burn less fat. Drinking the equivalent of just 2 martinis can reduce your body’s fat-burning ability by 73%!


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