7 Bulugan Tried-and-Tested Favorite Products

Bulugan tested favorite products from Bulu Box

Here at Bulu HQ, we try every product that goes out to our Bulugans, making videos like The Scoop to share more about our awesome brand partners each month. But we shop online, too, and we know how important reviews from your fellow Bulugans are in helping you make healthy discoveries! If you want confirmation that you’re making a healthy choice, check out what real Bulugans had to say about these 7 most-loved products on BuluBox.com:


Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Chili Almond Bar

Must try! Review by Susan

I was hesitant to try this bar. My previous history with any kind of “healthy” bar is that the taste is bland or chalky. This was neither. I was pleasantly surprised! This bar is awesome! This would definitely help my 2:00 snack time. I tried the Dark Chocolate Chili Almond bar. Tastes great and has just a little heat. Perfect.   (Posted on 1/9/14)

Decent Review by Jaclyn

Filled me up a little but also salted a little salty for my taste. (Posted on 12/20/13)

Find these sweet & spicy goodies on BuluBox.com here.


PreToxx for Hangovers

Felt Great! Review by Katie 

So it’s hard to tell if this is a miracle supplement since I only took them the one day. However, I tried this product out on the holy grail of drinking holidays – St. Patrick’s Day! Drank all day, came home, ate, passed out, woke up feeling pretty good! It definitely could have been this! I am going to buy one and try it out for a while to see if it really works! (Posted on 3/25/14)

Works. Really. Review by Nicholas

It doesn’t impair you or your ability to get drunk, which was my main concern as a 24 year old guy. Literally had no symptoms after my night out, and I don’t have regular nights out. This is definitely in my back pocket or backpack whenever I’m planning on being out on the town. Definitely worth the sample. (Posted on 11/21/13)

Make your morning after as fun as your night out by getting PreToxx here.


Beauty Bursts

Great taste and texture! Review by Hedei

I liked the flavor a lot! Chocolate and mint are just my favorite to be honest, the texture of the chew was great it wasn’t overly chewy but it wasn’t too hard either. It was just the perfect combination of flavor and texture overall, however, I don’t know how I would be able to see the results with just one sample, but if you need a collagen supplement that’s tasty then this would be it! (Posted on 11/25/13)

Love this product! Review by Cristina

I ordered the Super Fruit Punch Soft Chews, and they taste great. The past couple of years I began having horrible skin issues. I read some reviews from people who had similar skin problems, and had used Collagen orally with good results, I decided to give this a try. After taking Beauty Bursts for 3 days my skin cleared up. I love it! (Posted on 8/1/13)

Make better skin, hair and nails the tastiest part of your day by getting Beauty Bursts here.


Burn Blend

Works fast & Lasts Review by RK

Got the sample pack in my first box. On the first day I took one and felt CRAZY energy, like almost too much, but had a great workout. Have only taken 1 tablet each morning before my workout on the weekdays and that is plenty!! I intake a good bit of caffeine each day so I was surprised that it says take up to 4 per day- that would be waaaay too much. Starts working within 5 minutes and I’ve noticed much more intense and fulfilling workouts compared to not taking anything or drinking a 5-hour. Haven’t noticed a weight loss effect yet (I don’t own a scale and also have not changed my diet) but really enjoying my workouts when taking this. About to order my first bottle! PS- they’re red and come out red, don’t freak out (Posted on 5/14/14)

Gives you amazing energy Review by Mia

I would recommend starting with two pills a day. It really does give you lots of energy and makes you focus. It really curbed my hunger and I felt like in the short time I took this product it aided me and I noticed I lost weight faster than with most other supplements. The pill was not hard to swallow and it didn’t taste bitter or bad like most diet pills. It also gave me great energy in my workouts. (Posted on 11/23/13)

Find full-size Burn Blend here.


PacificHealth Labs 2nd Surge

Natural Boost of Energy Review by Lesley

I really appreciated that the energy boost I got from this didn’t cause me to crash later like just drinking coffee. I actually used about a third of the packet, after checking the caffeine content, because I was concerned it might be too strong. I felt like I had lots of energy for the next few hours, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I recommended this to my roommate, and she was equally impressed. (Posted on 4/20/14)

Surge Gel without the Crash! Review by Teresa

I like the fact that I didn’t feel jittery, nervous nor have a crash after the energy surge. I used it right before doing zumba and, boy, did I feel great. I liked it so much, I purchased my first Body Glove Surge gel box of 12 from Bulu Box. I checked the other sites and Bulu Box had the best deal. (Posted on 10/5/13)

Take your long run or other workout to the next level by picking up 2nd Surge Gel here.



Great Product Review by Chelsea

Energems are delicious! I hate the taste of energy drinks and I hate carbonated drinks but LOVE chocolate mint so it is nice to enjoy the taste when I need some energy before a workout. I also only need 1 or 2 “gems” for an energy boost and love the fact that they are only 15 calories each and low in sugar. Great product and definitely will buy. Also a great price on Bulu. (Posted on 12/15/13)

Big taste Review by Willy

Doesn’t taste like peanut butter. At 1st the taste, a bit like a dark chocolate covered bitter coffee bean. I only had 2 that time, the next time I tried savoring it a bit, it tasted better but still a bit like a bitter bean. Can’t eat more than 4 at a time, so I guess it’s a good value get going treat. BTW don’t leave them in your car on a warm day. ( Posted on 2/14/14)

You can find Energems here.


Simple Being Slimming Smoothie

GREAT PROTEIN!!! Review by Jessica

I love the chocolate truffle Slimming Smoothie. I take a daily supplement shake consisting of a daily green powder, protein powder and almond milk. The Simple Being Slimming Smoothie is by far better than the more expensive protein powder I bought from my gym. It blends more completely (no chunks or bits sticking to the walls of my bottle) and the flavor helps make drinking my greens bearable. The more expensive stuff I tried had floating chunks and I had to chug the shake cause it tasted & smelled awful. Definitely convinced me to never try anything besides this Simple Being Slimming Smoothie ever again!!! (Posted on 2/6/14)

Great Protein Product Review by Melissa

Whey Protein without all the Junk is hard to come by and I have tried my fair share. This protein is up there with my favorite. Taste great, filling, and doesn’t have all the artificial junk! I’d say mixing could be improved, I did get some insoluble chunks but nothing thats a deal breaker. (Posted on 11/2/13)

Get more from your smoothie by picking up Slimming Smoothie here.

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