8 Running Fashion Faux-Pas


We all <3 getting in a good run but sometime we find ourselves over-thinking the most basic decision of what workout top to wear. So to prevent any embarrassing fashion mistakes here’s our list of the top runner fashion faux pas.

1. Living Running in the 80s
The proper clothing for exercise can be expensive. But, at some point, you should change it up. It’s not the 80’s anymore. Ditch the day-glo sweatband and baggy jogging pants. The nostalgia may be gone but so will the laughing spectators watching you.

2. Leaving Nothing For the Imagination
Some of the fabrics for running tights are so thin that they start to wear through fairly quickly (some are thin from the start). When you shop, go for some leggings or running tights that leave a little more to the imagination…even if they cost a little more. Your dignity is worth it.

3. Catwalk Run
Getting in a good run doesn’t require much prep work (or any at all). Some of us don’t like leaving the house without throwing on a little make up but when you’re headed out for a job, it’s best to tone it down a bit. A little waterproof mascara and eyebrow pencil ought to do the trick. Otherwise, when you start to sweat your make-up will be running as fast as you are. 

4. Running Zombies
If ever there were a reason for having hair super-short or long enough to pull into a ponytail, running is it. If you leave your medium-length or long hair down, you may look all right in the beginning. But, by the end, you will look like you were running from zombies for the past hour. Hair elastics are cheap and hair is pretty easy to pull back, so just do it.

5. Rolling Stones
Large breasts can be a gift. But, adequate exercise bras for the well-endowed can be fairly pricey. Save yourself the pain and embarrassment, and invest in a good one. You will get the support you need, without having to worry that you risk a black eye with every step.

6. Tummy Tucked
You may recall the early 1990s, when it was popular for women and girls to wear t-shirts far too large, so that the shirt could be tucked in and then bloused out. Well, those fashions are long gone, and good riddance. These days, most shirts are not long enough to be reasonably tucked in for a long run. Leaving your shirt untucked and risking it riding up slightly is simple to fix while you are on the move, and much less disturbing to watch.

7. Shoe/Sock Mismatch
Running shoes that separate your toes are all the rage these days. And, if you have built up the muscle and endurance to use these shoes, more power to you. Just keep your other footwear consistent. If you must wear socks with your minimalist shoes, pick an ankle sock or one with a quarter length.

8. Misfit Mayhem
A lot of people take up running for health and fitness. If you lose a decent amount of weight, you may notice that your running clothes do not fit well anymore. Reward yourself by replacing them with ones that fit more appropriately so you won’t have to hike up your shorts every half mile! 

Running is hard, but dressing for it shouldn’t be. Avoid these running fashion errors and you can focus on your health and fitness, instead of how you look.

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