8 Secrets to Staying Fit and Healthy During the Holiday Season

8 Secrets to Staying Fit and Healthy During the Holiday Season

This blog post covers eight amazing secrets that can help you have a wholesome life and a healthy mind and body during the holidays.

The holidays come with joy and moments of harmony with family and friends. People spend their time doing a number of holiday traditions or holiday trips such as luxury yoga vacations in India, Thailand, Bali, and other places. Regardless of the season, health is something that needs care and tending, even during the holidays.

Here are some of the way you can stay fit even during the Christmas season.

Continue with your normal healthy routine

The first suggestion that anyone could give you is not to disturb the everyday schedule that you have been following up to this point. Don’t let your mind become comfortable with the fact that it’s vacation time. Treat it like any other day and continue with your healthy eating and physical routine.

Do yoga daily

Yoga can be your answer to perfect health during a holiday. Along with being a physical exercise, yoga can be fun too, making it an interesting thing to do with your family members. Begin your days with yoga asanas such as Trikonasana, Uttanasana, Utkatasana, and many others. Involve grandma and grandpa to make it even more amazing!

Spend time with plants

Plants can be your best friends during vacation. Give some time to gardening tasks, which will not only help you utilize your free moments doing constructive work, but also brings you close to nature. If your local winter weather allows for outdoor gardening, the beauty of fresh air comes as an additional benefit. Otherwise, enjoy taking time tending to your indoor plant friends.

Keep your mind busy

Mental strength is very important when you are looking to build your fitness. An intelligent mind is produced when you do regular constructive work. It’s recommended that you keep your brain busy with some creativity. Do some artwork or help your child with his or her homework. You can even challenge your mind with games, like chess.

Stay hydrated

If you can’t exercise regularly or follow a mind-challenging schedule, drink as much water as you can. Begin your day with 2 cups of water and make sure you are always hydrated during your day. Water is extremely beneficial for one’s physical health as it helps in blood circulation, food digestion, immunity building, and other health benefits.

Go on a vacation with family

Staying fit is highly dependent on mental relaxation. Happiness is a great way to keep yourself fit. Go on a vacation with your near and dear ones to spend some quality time with them. This will create a sense of harmony in your body and among your family. You can attend a yoga retreat, Ayurveda holiday in Bali, Varkala, Thailand, or anywhere you want.


Running is probably your best friend if you want to improve your physical health. While running, you can have a glimpse of the surroundings you live in. Don’t make running a burden; enjoy this special time. Talk to people in the park or make it interesting with good music.

Stop worrying and celebrate

Enjoy your moments with family and friends without worrying too much about your health and routine. It’s a holiday! Make your own moments. Letting it be dominated by too much pressure to be healthy will ruin your enjoyment. Don’t forget to indulge in celebrations. Even if you can’t follow the correct routine for a day, there is nothing to worry about, because connecting with family is the biggest win for the health.

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Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a traveler in India. He is currently working with rishikulyogshsla.org. The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of Yoga events such as Yoga teacher training India, Yoga workshops, retreats, Pranayama training, etc.
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