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A Blog For The Gentlemen: Sex and Athletic Performance

A Blog For The Gentlemen - Sex and Athletic Performance | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Well Gentlemen, for a long time in sports there’s been a lot of myth surrounding the subject of sex and athletic performance. Mohammed Ali would abstain from sexual activity for up to 2 months before competition to ensure he was at peak performance. But is it true that sex, as they say, drops testosterone levels and decreases  performance results? We’re answering this question without the help of an awkward video tape or chat with your parents.

You remember your old football coach yelling at you that knocking boots will decrease your testosterone levels zapping you of your strength, energy and competitive edge. Not only is this presumption incorrect the opposite is actually true!

Now before you start running around the locker room celebrating, you should know a few reasons why it is beneficial. In order to better understand the relationship between sex and athletic performance let’s break it down to two main components: Psychological and Physical.

Physically, sex has a positive effect on the body by increasing testosterone levels post sexual activity. In fact, long periods without sexual activity (6-12 weeks) can reduce testosterone levels to that of a child! An increase in testosterone levels has been linked to an increase in strength levels in an individual. This could be a small boost on competition day if activity occurs the evening before. In women, sexual activity can block the release of a pain transmitter called Substance P. The block of this release decreases the pain response for a period of time. This can be beneficial to prevent those aches in your legs on a long run. Another way to increase your testosterone levels is with Baddass Ignite, a natural testosterone booster.*

The psychological effects can be just as beneficial as the physical ones. Sex can decrease anxiety, boost confidence, and leave you feeling a satisfied feeling (we hope….was it good for you too?).  A decrease in anxiety and boost of confidence will help keep your head clear and focused on competition day.

It goes without saying that every person is different. You’ll just have to experiment to see if sex gives you that extra boost of performance. Oh well, there are worse things ;). The best way to be prepared for a great athletic performance is rest, hydration and nourishment. So shut the blinds, light the candles and see if performing before you perform gives you an extra boost.


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