Aging Myths: DEBUNKED!

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Aging is a process in women’s health that cannot be avoided. But growing old doesn’t mean you are stuck with declining health. Don’t fall for the myths of aging—older people can live active and healthy lives too. Look at these 10 of the most common aging myths and see why they are not necessarily true.

1. As you age your brain power declines
It is believed that our learning power and development starts to slowly decrease. Extra activity tends to fend off conditions such as brain atrophy or Alzheimer’s. So use it, don’t lose it. When it comes to the brain in women’s health it is important to keep active through activities that involve problem solving or reading.

2. Aging kills your libido
Many older couples are still very much active and enjoying this aspect of life. A decrease in libido is most commonly reduced from stress rather than age. Hormonal changes and dryness also pay a key, but this can happen at different ages and supplements such asNatrol DHEA can help.

3. You can’t avoid creaky, achy joints
People often endure aches and joint pain assuming it is a normal sign of aging. Actually achy joints are natural wear and tear from living an active lifestyle. But supplements containing flex such as OneBode Flex can help support a womens health and maintain joint health.

4. Happiness declines
Our level of happiness can decline or increase at any age based on stress and our current lifestyle. But sometimes we all need a mood booster, morning stretching can increase mood. Erba Vita Happy Mood can help for those times you need a boost.

5. Frailty is unavoidable
While getting older can result in osteoporosis, many older people never develop this or other conditions that leave the body frail. Keeping muscles and bones strong with exercise, calcium intake, and supplements focused on vitamin D can great decrease the frailty of aging bones.

6. Once you are older you are stuck in bad habits you cannot change
Bad habits are hard to break especially the longer you have had them. But it is never impossible to break them. Positive changes can still have quite an impact, and it doesn’t matter what age the changes are made.

7. When you age you begin to feel old
Chronological age has nothing to do with how you feel. An unhealthy 35 year old can feel 60, likewise a healthy 60 year old could say they feel 10 years younger than are. Getting essential vitamins and minerals is helpful in feeling young and in womens health, try Salba Chia Whole Seeds.

8. As you age you start to fall more
Many people think that aging means that you start to fall more but falling is not a normal part of aging. Keeping a safe living environment, vision checks, and maintaining strength and balance prevent falling. Strength and balance are always important in women’s health, especially as we get older.

9.The older you get the more you need to rest
Many people think that as you get older you need to cut back on activity and rest more. The fact is the more active and fit you are the less tired you will feel. If you remain inactive too long you experience shortness of breath, dizziness, and you tire quicker when you get up and moving.

10. Aging stops personal growth and learning
This is simply not true. In fact, there has been an increase in older students at community collages in recent years. No matter the age, you can always make room for personal growth and learn new things.


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