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App Overview: Fitness Edition

App Overview : Fitness Edition | Bulu Box - Superior Vitamins and Supplements

We love the help of applications that we can easily download on our smart phones to help make each day a healthy one! We’ve found 5 awesome apps to help you on your fitness journey!

Zombies, Run - Fitness App Review | Bulu BoxZombies,Run! – $7.99
Need motivation to run? How about a pack ofzombies chasing you? With a zombie acapolclyose on many human minds, it’sbetter to be safe than sorry to start preparing your stamina and endurance fora zombie attack. Plug in your headphones and let this app guide you around thetwists and turns of your running area with it’s built-in GPS all while alludinga pack of zombies. Collect supplies and items on the way to help you survive,all you gotta do is, RUN!!
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100 Push-Up - Fitness App Review | Bulu Box100Push-Up Challenge – $2.99
The best thing about this app is that youwon’t have to deal with an Army Sergeant yelling in your face to do morepush-ups! The 100 Push-Up Challenge will challenge you without hurting you, becauseit’s uniquely scheduled in reps for every day, so you don’t pull a muscle whilegetting better everyday. 
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Nike Training Club - Fitness App Review | Bulu BoxNikeTraining Club – Free
Nike training Club is like having your ownpersonal trainer in you pocket! The app will let you choose a full body workoutthat is categorized in getting lean, toned, strong, or focusing on a specificbody part. NTC also has special workouts from celebrity athletes or personaltrainers. Best part, you earn rewards as you complete more and more workouts, unlockingother workout programs. The app is designed for women, but don’t let that foolya – the males reviewed the app and found it super challenging. 
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Running Club - Fitness App Review | Bulu BoxRunningClub – Free
Are you a social runner but can’t alwaysmeet up with running pals? With this app you are no longer a lone runner.Running Club tells you of other people running in your area and allows you tocheer others on! You can even choose to race the people in your area andRunning Club will give you the results to each race. This app also has theoptions for cycling and walking! 
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Gym Goal - Fitness App Review | Bulu BoxGymGoal –Free
Looking for a workout partner to hit the gymwith? Well you’ve met your match… only in app form. GymGoal has a massiveexercise database, simply find the area of your body you want to focus on thenGymGoal will tell you workouts to do, equipped with an animated demonstration.You can also keep track of workout scheduling and the progress you’ve made!
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Hope you enjoyed the second installment of our App Reviews! If you missed our first article on Healthy Food Apps, check it out here!


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