App Overview: Healthy Food Edition

Increase your chances of success by merging your healthyeating habits with technology – download and try a new healthy food app. There’s a plethora of apps tailored to help you achieve the best health possible,more than 40 thousand apps to be exact! To make things a little easier for you,we’ve narrowed it down to top 5 that are related to eating healthier.

Healthy App Review: Fooducate | Bulu Box Fooducate– Free
Just like grades in school, the app will grade your food ona scale of A to D. Fooducate will rate the item on its healthiness, it alsogives you a list of alternatives. All you do is scan the food item’s barcodeand Voilà, youinstantly have a nutritional grade on that product. You can even create ashopping list!
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Healthy App Review: My Fitness Pal | Bulu Box My FitnessPal – Free
Let My Fitness Pal help you lose or maintainweight by tracking your calories easily with their food database filled withover 1.5 million foods! You can even log exercises and it will tell you howmany calories you have burned for the day. It’s no wonder iTunes has rated thisapp with 5 stars, it’s simple, convenient, and you can even cheer on friends!
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Healthy App Review: My Daily Plate | Bulu Box My DailyPlate – $0.99
This app makes it a whole lot easier todetermine what exactly should be on your plate by using the USDA dailynutritional servings recommendations. My Daily Plate will help you make moreinformed and nutritious decisions throughout the day with this nifty app. WithMy Daily Plate, you won’t have to worry if you are getting too much or too lessof a certain food group!
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Healthy App Review: The Skinny Skillet | Bulu Box TheSkinny Skillet – $3.99
Eat food, lose weight. Sounds good, right?With The Skinny Skillet app you can search their huge recipe database for a lowcarb or low calorie meal. The app will even make a shopping list for therecipes you want to make. Each recipe will include a photo, nutritioninformation, and step-by-step instructions how to concoct your healthy meal!
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Healthy App Review: Food on the Table | Bulu Box Food onthe Table – Free
Not only does this app help you put “foodon the table,” it also helps you score the best deals around town by searchingfor nearby sales at the grocery stores! It’s pretty simple, just find therecipe, let it create your shopping list, then find the cheapest prices foreach ingredient. Planning your meals just became a no-brainer!
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