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Are Your Dreams Connected to Real Life?

Are Your Dreams Connected To Real Life? | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Have you ever been woken up because you were falling in a dream? Have you ever had a dream that your teeth were falling out? Different dreams can mean that we are stressing or happy about things in our lives. Do you know what each dream means?


Scary Dreams
Falling in dreams can symbolize the feeling of being out of control in your life. They can also symbolize things in your life that aren’t going well. In the dreams where you are being chased by something, an animal or a person, the analysis is very simple. This type of dream depicts you running away from something in your life that makes you anxious.

Losing your teeth can be one of the scarier dreams. It also has many interpretations. Having a dream about losing your teeth is another dream that conveys stress and anxiety. The stress can be more specific, the fear of losing something. It can also be the fear of failing, or the fear of letting go.

Stress Dreams
Missing your flight is a common dream among adults. This dream can be related to the feeling of missing a deadline, either at work or in your personal life. Another common stress dream is you are in school and can’t find something, be it your class or your homework. Any stressful dreams that are in school can be related to stressful things at work.

In both scary and stress dreams try identifying the things in your life that could be causing these feelings, and see if there is anyway to reduce the feelings. This will help eliminate these stress dreams. Check out some ways to get rid of your stress with deep breathing.

Happy Dreams
Dreams aren’t always about stress. Have you ever met a celebrity in your dreams? This could mean that you’re finally within reach of accomplishing a goal, or there is a change for the better in your life. Another good dream that goes along with accomplishing your goals is flying. When you dream about flying it can mean that you know your goals and also how you’re going to make them happen. Dreams about calm waters can also indicate that things are going well in your life.

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Your Turn: What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?


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