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Before And After: Maximize Your Workout

Before and After - Maximize Your Workout | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

You’re about to hit the trails or weight machine and a little voice says, “Should I have warmed up or taken something before I started?” The truth is, whatever you take before and after your workout can directly affect the results on your body.

Before your Workout:
If you’re looking to slim down Cardio workouts use your body fat as fuel during your workout, and the amount of carbohydrates in your system can affect the body’s ability to burn fat. If you have little to no carbohydrates in your system, like working out in the morning on an empty stomach, then fat burning increases. If you need a boost of energy to get you through your cardio workout, try out Prolabs Quick Fire or FitMixer Amino. Quick Fire is a quick loading fuel for your body that launches Nitric Oxide fueled blood to your muscles for prolonged endurance and heightened mental focus. Amino Acids like those found in FitMixer Amino fuels your body with essential nutrients it needs to give you energy throughout your workout.

If you’re looking to bulk up  Carbohydrates and protein are your best friends. It’s a good idea to consume both fast and slow digesting carbs, like mixing fruit with your oatmeal, or pieces of whole grain toast with cream cheese and strawberries. We love Perfect Blocks on lifting days because it has the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that provide your body with the essential foundation of nutrients to build up your body, (and it’s de-licious!)

Regardless of your goal, a key to a good workout is warming up beforehand. Warming up does a few key things to your body to let it know that you’re ready to work. A proper warm up can give you great benefits and last from 5-15 minutes. Here is a list of a few important benefits to warming up before your workout:

Increases Muscle and Body Temperature: Improves muscle elasticity. This allows the muscle to contract more forcefully and relax more quickly, preventing over stretching and reduces your risk of strains and pulls.

Blood Vessel Dilation: This reduces the resistance of blood flow and lowers stress on the heart. For an added boost of blood vessel dilation (or vasodilation) try using Prolabs Quick Fire. The Nitric Oxide produced by Quick Fire helps promote vasodilation during a workout.

Hormone Changes: When you properly warm up your body begins to increase its production of various hormones that are responsible for regulating energy production. This is where carbs and fatty acids become available for energy production. Your body switches into work mode and is ready to roll.

After Your Workout:
If you’re looking to slim down  Whey protein and egg whites hit the blood stream faster than any other amino acid source and help prevent muscle loss. It’s a good rule of thumb to consume protein about 90 minutes after your work out to refuel your muscles. If you are having trouble falling asleep after all that cardio at the end of the day, try a few sips of Dream Water. Dream Water is a 0 calorie, non-habit forming drink and comes in three delicious flavors!

If you’re looking to bulk up Again, the key here is getting a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins and some amount of fat into your system to help build muscles up. (And another reason why we luv Perfect Blocks! Another supplement that has the essential amount of protein you need post-workout is BQuick Fuel, that contains a protein+L-glutamine blend that is optimized to help build and maintain lean muscle tissue.

Still having trouble sleeping after that blood pumping workout? Redd Remedies atEase promotes healthy brain function, calms nervous tension and promotes a restful night’s sleep that will all help you repair and rebuild all those hard working muscles.


Your Turn: What does your pre and post workout schedule look like?



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