Black Friday Survival Guide

It’s that time of year. Alarms are set, lists are made and our competitive human instinct comes out in full force. Black Friday shopping is not to be taken lightly, Bulugans. We have compiled a list of vital tips to survive the day of intense bargain shopping.

The Day Before
Thanksgiving day is a day to reflect and be thankful for everything you have in your life. It’s also a day to prep for the fiercest day of shopping of the year. Here is a checklist to ensure you are prepared:

Carbo-load. Grab an extra spoonful of mashed potatoes and store up carbs that you’ll be burning in the morning.

Drink in moderation. There’s one sure-fire way to make your Black Friday miserable and it’s an unwanted hangover. Take some Drinkwel if you plan on partaking in the holidays spirits :)

Plan out where you are going. Make maps of the stores and where all items you need are located.

Make flashcards. Write down the prices, the location and the priority level of each gift and the amount of competitive shopping you should expel to attain it.

The Morning Of
Whether you plan on camping out the night before the stores open, or setting your alarms, make sure you have checked off every item on this list before you run out the door!

Dress to succeed. Get out your running gear, along with sweat bands to keep the intense shopping sweat out of your eyes for optimum vision of secret sale items. War paint can keep the glare of bright store lights at bay and adult diapers can prevent you not only from wasting time in the bathroom but also defer fellow deal seekers from getting too close to you with the smell of success.

Hands-free purse packed with valid credit cards, cash for backup, a fully charged phone and a mini blowhorn for the unruly event of a “I saw it first” event gone awry.

Shopping partners are prepared with color coordinated shirts that can be easily seen from 100 yards away, whistles for easy communication, and a driver that can be on call for drop off/pick up so no time is wasted finding a parking spot.

During the Battle
The long day of competitive shopping is not for the light hearted. Prepare yourself by keeping these essential items on hand to hydrate, recharge and remind yourself what you’re fighting for: shopping glory.

Pre-battle fuel. ANS Dilate and Athlete Octane will give you the stamina and extra zip to whip past those old-timers going for the latest video game or 1-Day-Only sales. About Time Protein and Perky Jerky will keep your protein levels high for optimum force when battling the crowds.

Hydrate. No need for a water bottle that will take up premium hand space. Opt for a Camelback that’s filled with water and a mixture of Hawaiian Coconut Energy or Eight Ball Neuro Edge to keep your mind focused on which battle needs to be taken on next.

Hands free energy. Keep a handful of FRS Chews and OnGo Energy Shots in your bag for quick snips of energy to keep you going from store to store with no crash at important decision-making times.

Post Battle
You’ve survived the most intense day of competitive shopping out of the year and made it out with full bags, empty wallets and only a few bruises and scrapes. Now it’s time to take in your success, munch on a Nightfood bar and rest knowing you conquered not only your shopping list, but the battle of Black Friday Shopping.

Alternative to the madness
If you want to avoid the crowds, but still get specialized gifts for your friends and family, check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

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