Black Friday Survival Guide 2.0


Black Friday shopping is not for the faint of heart. It requires drive, intense focus, and a burning desire to find the perfect gift, with the right deal, at the right time. Check out our newly updated list on vital tips to survive the day.

The Night Before

Sometimes family get-togethers can get a bit crazy, and what better day to practice an 80/20 lifestyle than during the holidays. However, before you start opening that first bottle of wine, take a few PreToxx to help combat the dehydration and liver stress of drinking so you can enjoy family time tonight and be prepared for the battle tomorrow.

Draw out your battle plan. There is nothing more devastating to a Black Friday than a disorganized plan of attack. Fill up your car with gas and ensure the driver has excellent navigational tools at their disposal. Make sure all parties involved have color coordinating outfits that can be easily seen from 100 yards away and know what their specific target is and how they are going to execute it. Run through whistle blowing, crowd surfing and hurdle jumping drills tonight. The Black Friday battle is not for the weak.

In The Early Hours

Dress for success. Get out your running gear, along with sweat bands to keep the intense shopping sweat out of your eyes for optimum vision of secret sale items. War paint can keep the glare of bright store lights at bay and adult diapers can prevent you not only from wasting time in the bathroom but also defer fellow deal seekers from getting too close to you with the smell of success.

Fuel like the champion you know you are. Quest Bars are low in carbs and high in protein, fiber and awesomeness. With 20g of protein, you can prepare your mind and body for the obstacles before you.

 Monthly cramps slowing you down? Even though your most hated Aunt has come to town, don’t let Flo slow you down. Don’t forget to pack a few Menstrual Magic to kill those cramps in 30 minutes or less, just in time for the department store doors to open. An added bonus: the ingredients help reduce inflammation in the body making you quick and agile to grasp Black Friday in all it’s glory.

During the Battle

While others fall out of the competition due to exhaustion, poorly executed planning and injuries, you will still be fighting hard. Your secret to success? Keeping a box of Energems stashed in a secret location. These may look like harmful candies, but they hold a powerful punch of energy and deliciousness that will perk up any fatigued shopper. Keep going after those One-Hour only sales with energy to spare.

Stay hydrated. This is no laughing matter as dehydration can lead to fatigue, irritability and cramps, all things to highly avoid on the ultimate day of sales. Wear a fuel belt with 2 or 3 water bottles handy for ultimate hydration when you need it most.

Post Battle

You have done what most only dream of doing. Completing your holiday shopping list in one day, hitting all the sales across town with full shopping bags, empty wallets and only a few scrapes and bruises. Calm down your post shopping nerves with some Natural Vitality Calm and rest knowing you dominated today.

Don’t Feel Like Battling the Crowds??

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