Boost Your Immune System With These Three Herbs and Spices


When you feel a cold coming on, you probably run straight to your medicine cabinet to see what remedies you have on hand, but you may want to think about raiding your spice rack instead. There are tons of herbs and spices that are loaded with nutrients, and some offer noticeable support for your immune system.

While winter and sicknesses go hand in hand, you can give your immune system a head start with herbs and spices to stay healthier this winter. Oh, and the best part? You probably already have them in your kitchen. Take a look at three immune system-boosting herbs and spices below.

If you do any Italian-inspired cooking, chances are you already have oregano. Oregano does a lot more than flavor spaghetti. It’s also high in antioxidants and contains powerful antimicrobial properties that help fight colds and support the respiratory system. Oregano oil is another especially powerful way to get a healthy dose of this herb.

Garlic does more than just keeping the vampires at bay; garlic has been used for centuries for its immune system-boosting benefits. It contains a number of valuable nutrients that can help to promote health including arginine, flavonoids and selenium.

Fresh, dried or ground, ginger is punchy no matter how you take it. Add it to your food, make it into a tea, or if you are feeling especially brave… eat it raw! Ginger is a sound way to boost your immune system and can lend in relieving coughs, laryngitis, sore throats or upset stomachs. It even contains compounds that fight rhinoviruses – those pesky things that lead to cold and flu.

The next time you’re feeling under the weather, reach for the ginger tea or some garlic-infused soup. Even better, don’t wait until you’re sick to use some of these herbs. Spice up your winter menu with some of these powerful herbs and spices and keep yourself going strong all winter long.  

Which healthy herbs do you keep on hand?


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