Can Certain Foods Actually Make You Smarter?


Food, simply put, powers your mind.

What you eat impacts how well your brain operates.

However, as you undoubtedly already know, not all foods are created equal. While some foods fill our minds and bodies with energy and nutrition, other foods leave us feeling sluggish, weighed down, and tired.

Eating smarter, though, can help to improve your memory, give you energy, improve your mood, increase concentration, and reduce stress. All of these things can help your brain to operate at its best. Not that you need any help in that department, of course – we’re not suggesting that you do!

Even so, most of us can benefit from a cognitive boost… especially when midday rolls around. If this rings true for you, read on to discover a few delicious must-eat treats that can to boost brain power and can help you tackle that pile of work on your desk!

Avocados aren’t just tasty; they’re also highly nutritious. This fruit is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids which are thought to help keep nerve cells in the brain healthy. Plus, avocados have 20 different vitamins, making them a great morning or midday snack. They can be a perfect snack when dealing with mentally-taxing work.

Blueberries are a small, yet super fruit perfect for anytime snacking. These antioxidant-rich fruits have a low glycemic index, which means that you can safely eat them without having to worry about blood sugar spikes. Studies even indicate that blueberries may reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s. 

Wild Salmon
Wild salmon is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain health and function. These fats help to improve memory and reduce the risk of degenerative mental diseases. Whether you eat it on its own, in a sandwich, or in a healthy salad, wild salmon is a definitive, brain boosting food.

Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds are high in nutrients, healthy fats, and fiber. Not to mention, they even have a healthy dose of protein and plenty of vitamin E (essential for cognitive function). Your body turns these nutritional gems into instant energy without giving you a crash later on. A handful of walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or almonds can pick you up and give you the mental power to plow through your work.

It’s true! Chocolate is your friend. Harvard researchers recently conducted a study that suggests a link between dark chocolate and brain function. Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants – and just the right amount of caffeine – to make it a perfect refreshment. Just make sure you reach for dark chocolate and limit intake between one and two ounces. 

Engage your mind and start loading up on healthy brain-boosting foods! By feeding your mind healthy fats and nutrients found in real food rather than artificial, nutrient-devoid, and sugary alternatives, you’ll be able to give yourself a much-needed pick-me-up and allow your brain to function at its absolute best. 

What healthy treats do you enjoy?


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