Can Sex Help with Weight Loss?

Can a healthy sex life help with weight loss? | Bulu Box blog

An important part of women’s health is an active sex life. It not only contributes to your relationship with your partner, it can also help with weight loss. Making it a point to maintain a healthy sex life offers several ways to help you lose weight, as well as look and feel sexy.

Can You Count Sex as Exercise? Absolutely!
You may not have realized that sex has many of the same effects as an intense workout! Having sex increases your heart rate and metabolic rate, strengthens and stretches your muscles and, of course, burns calories! If you have sex with your partner regularly and continue for any length of time, you will burn calories:

  • Kissing – up to 68 calories per hour
  • Massaging – 80 calories or more per hour
  • Having Sex – about 288 calories per hour!

With these stats, it makes it A-okay to skip the gym every once in a while, and hit the bed with your partner instead ;)

Lower Your Cortisol Levels Under the Sheets
You’ve probably heard a lot about cortisol when reading womens health publications, but may not have known that sex can lower its levels. Cortisol is a hormone that is often released during periods of stress, and is also stimulated by certain medications, such as steroids.

High cortisol levels can contribute to several serious health issues, including diabetes and heart disease. Because good sex helps significantly lower stress levels, your cortisol levels will also decrease through regular sex.

Improve Your Self Image
Women who have good sex lives with their partners generally have a better image of themselves. Every woman wants to feel as though she is attractive and desirable to her partner, and women who enjoy a healthy sex life know this is true. Some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Your sexuality is a part of who you are, and wanting to have a good sex life is nothing to be ashamed of or feel dirty about
  • Just because certain parts of your body are seen only by your or your spouse doesn’t mean that they don’t have an impact on your self-image
  • As you age, you will want to continue having a good image of yourself

Alleviate Pain
Womens health professionals know just how difficult chronic pain can be. Lower back pain is common among women who work in certain jobs or who have injuries. Fibromyalgia is also fairly common in some younger women, and often causes pain.

Because regular sex helps relax tight muscles and otherwise reduce stress, it is a good way to keep chronic pain issues in check.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Good sex before hitting the sack helps increase your chances of sleeping well. Because it increases your energy level, much like exercise does, you’ll be able to rest more comfortably at night. And getting adequate, quality sleep is critical to weight loss!

Your Turn: Do you log your calories and/or physical activites? If so, do you log sex as a physical activity? Don’t be shy! :)


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