Did You Know These Simple Ingredients Can Detox Your Body?


There are many benefits to trying a detox and with all the toxins we come in contact with throughout the day, trying a detox plan can rid the body of those icky toxins and leave you feeling great. To help you pick the right foods and ingredients to look for when trying a cleanse, we’ve put together a list of detox must-haves.

Green foods – Kale, spinach or wheat grass are packed full of chlorophyll, which rids the body of toxins that may be harmful to your body and the added bonus of aiding in the detoxification of the liver!


Fruits– Not only are fruits high in water content, which helps flush out toxins, but they’re also packed with fiber that gives your digestive tract a kick start. Go for the citrus fruits with the added powerhouse vitamin C that transforms toxins into digestible material.


Acai Berry– This lil’ fruit is jam-packed with highly affective antioxidants that improve your metabolism while jump-starting the detoxification process. Plus, if you combine it with a colon-cleansing ingredient like Nettle Leaves, it aids in weight loss.


Nettle Leaf– This plant not only boosts your digestive health by helping in flushing out toxins, but it also aids in reducing water retention. You can either take it in a capsule form or make it into a tea.


Garlic– This ever popular ingredient stimulates the liver to make detoxification enzymes that pump up your cleanse. We suggest adding a few cloves to any recipe to give it an extra flavor punch and get that liver a running start.


Omega 3 oils – Taking a daily dose of omega-3’s can help smooth and lubricate the walls of the intestinal tract, not only helping in the movement of digestion but also absorbing toxins so they can be eliminated from the body.


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