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Diet Secrets From Around the World

Diet Secrets From Around The World | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

While each culture and each individual go about achieving it in different ways, there’s always a universal desire for 100% health and happiness. We’ve tapped into Mother Earth and discovered some global tricks we can all benefit from in our quest for health and happiness

From the Okinawans: Stop Eating Before You Are Full
The Okinawans stop eating at 80% full! This little trick is found on an island next to Japan, and it must be working because the average BMI of an Okinawan is 21.5! Stopping at 80% full doesn’t mean you’ll leave the table hungry either, putting the fork down earlier will give your brain the time it needs to realize that you may actually already be full.

Interested in this diet? There’s a book all about it!

From the French: Say, “Cheers!”
Do as the French and Mediterranean do and have a glass of wine! A glass of wine is full of potent antioxidants, which may be the reason for these cultures having lower rates of cardiovascular diseases. Of course, we don’t want to get too carried away, one glass should do ya good!

From the Kuna: Go Coo-Coo for Cocoa!
You heard that one right, Bulugans.. cocoa! The Kuna tribe of Panama have a low incidence of high blood pressure and heart conditions and drink up to five cups of cocoa a day! Cocoa has helped the Kuna tribe maintain normal blood pressure as they age and experience 1/9 the rate of heart conditions than their neighbors on the mainland who don’t drink cocoa regularly. Of course drinking five cups of cocoa a day might become a chore so instead take 2 CocoaWell capsules a day!

From the French and Japanese: Quit Multitasking!
When you’re eating, just simply eat. The American culture is fond of multitasking while eating food with TV dinners, fast-food drive throughs and grab-and-go foods.  Eating shouldn’t be an errand. Did ya know in France, there aren’t any cup holders in cars and in Japan it’s considered rude to eat while walking? So sit back, relax, and eat. Take one bite at a time and really enjoy your food. :)

From the Mediterranean: Oil up!
You’ve probably heard of this trick if you’re familiar with the Mediterranean diet, but lots of cultures around the world live the same way! Healthy fats like olive oil and canola oil make veggies Mm-mm-good! And as we all know, enjoying your veggies will lead you to eat more of them, which is an important key to maintaining a healthy weight!

From the French: Don’tSkip a Meal… Eat!
Quit holding out on yourself and eat your three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Skipping a meal shouldn’t be about cutting calories, it actually evokes a primal fear of hunger response in your body and causes you to overeat later.

From Asia: Get Up and Move
Other countries are primarily slim not because they spend a ton of time at the gym, it’s because they simply just walk a lot! Most of America is set up so we can transport quickly from place to place via cars, taxis, etc, but try walking around your neighborhood before and/or after work or school to log those foot steps like you would in another country!

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