Does The One-Size-Fits-All Diet Actually Exist?

Does The One-Size-Fits-All Diet Actually Exist? | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

The Healthiest Diet?
With literally hundreds and hundreds of different diets out there that have been around and evolving for decades, have we finally found the “perfect” diet for everyone?

Your Healthiest Diet
Many people proclaim that their one diet is best, and it may be…for them.  However, there’s not a one-size-fits-all diet, as each individual is unique and has individualized nutritional requirements and restrictions.  Anatomy, metabolism, body composition, blood type and cell structure – all unique to each individual person – all influence a person’s overall health and nutritional needs, which is why no one diet works for everyone.

We all know that men eat differently than women, adults eat differently than children, and we all have different preferences within those.  Our body types, metabolic rates, and genetic backgrounds influence what foods will and won’t make us feel our best.

Ancestors – What is your ancestry and what did they eat?  Certain foods either made up your ancestors’ diets or they didn’t, and that will continue to influence your body and needs.  For example, most African communities did not consume dairy products; so many people of African descent are intolerant of milk products still today, while people of Scandinavia were accustomed to eating dairy, so it may be more natural for a person of that descent to digest dairy foods.

Body Type – Your natural body shape, composition and blood type can also determine tolerance to what sorts of food best serve you.  Some body types require much more protein and little to no grains, while others thrive on more fruits, vegetables and grains, and less protein.

Metabolic Rate – The rate that you convert food into energy is also dependent upon many factors – age, gender, lifestyle, and activity level – but even with these same factors, each person’s body responds differently and requires varying proportions of carbs, proteins, and fats.

These are just a few of the influences on what foods will and won’t nourish you, but ultimately, each of us are entirely different from one person to the next – one person’s nourishment may be another person’s poison.  You must find the right diet and proportions of those foods that best work with your individual body and your needs in order to feel the healthiest for yourself.


Written by guest blogger: Rena Valentino Roark of Charge Up Health :: Fitness. Connect With Rena HERE
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*Please be aware that this article is not a diagnosis, prescription or recommendation for any individual.  Before you start a new exercise or food program, you should always talk it over with your doctor. He or she may have specific recommendations — or warnings — depending on your health and the other medicines you take.


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