Does Your Work Care about Your Health?


If you’re an average American, you’ll spend 1,700 hours at work this year. Recent studies show that healthier, happier employees are more productive and have longer job lifespans. (Duh!) Health and wellness is the number one priority here at Bulu Box, for our Bulugans and the Bulu Crew. Here, we round up the ways the Bulu Crew stays healthy at work plus the top benefits of working for some of our favorite startup and Fortune500 companies!

Bulu HQ

You might guess that we have free access to all the amazing samples that we send to our Bulugans, and you’d be right! But the benefits of being a part of the Bulu Crew go beyond access to all of our fantastic brand partner goodies and extra race entries to The Good Life Halfsy. Fitness tracking and group activities make being healthy with your teammates fun and keeps us accountable to making good choices. Here are a few ways the Bulu Crew keeps our minds and bodies in top shape:

Jawbone Up24 – Every full time member of the Bulu Crew has one of these nifty wearables to help us track our activity and sleep patterns. Being aware of how long we’re sitting or standing at our desks makes it easy to suggest a walking meeting or lunchtime yoga class!

Flexible Scheduling- The entire Bulu Crew benefits from flexible hours and time-off policies that fit our different, healthy-minded lifestyles. Whether that means a week hiking in Colorado, taking a 3pm yoga class or always being home early for family time, this perk makes the whole Bulu Crew happier and healthier.

Fun- Relieving midday stress or celebrating an exciting project at Bulu HQ usually means a rousing game of Mario Kart or NBA Jam on one of our retro video game consoles. There’s usually some kind of video game tournament bracket posted on the window of our break room!

Workout Accountability- It’s not unusual to see several members of the Bulu Crew at our local YMCA for Tuesday morning Kettlebell Kut and Wednesday afternoon Power CSI classes getting their sweat on. Thursday morning usually finds a set of the Bulu Crew ladies running hills together. Bonus: Housed in a converted apartment, Bulu HQ has a full locker room + showers, so the whole Bulu Crew can show up to our afternoon meetings fresh as daisies!


We’ll admit that we’re a bit jealous of the product discount Nike employees receive, but even better than the gear is Nike’s facility. With all the courts you could ever want—including basketball, racquetball, track, tennis, and squash—plus a swimming pool, weight rooms and a climbing wall, Nike obviously puts fitness in the hands of their employees. R&R is encouraged with three weeks’ vacation time every year.


This healthy snack company is all about employee wellness. Besides a flexible and open time-off policy, employees at NatureBox have access to all the delicious snacks they can eat, frequent tastings with their Product Sourcing team and free subscriptions to share the health with friends and family!


Your 3rd grade dream job of making and testing out toys could be a reality at Hasbro, one of the healthiest and happiest companies in the US. At their Rhode Island headquarters, employees receive access to twice-monthly wellness workshops, an on-site gym with fun classes like Zumba and Kickboxing and company sponsored events like the Hasbro 5K.

Not sure what your company offers? Check with your HR Director to see how your employer is helping employees like you get healthier at work. 

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