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Rock Your Body
Summertime and sun means more skin-bearing attire, which is great when you’re feeling confident, but coming out of winter hibernation can be tough.  Wear your beach…or pool…wardrobe with your head held high knowing you’re rocking your body with workouts and eating healthy.  Just adding 4 workouts a week and smart eating choices can be the difference between hiding inside a cabana and strutting poolside.

Under 25 Minute Strength|Cardio Workouts
Rock out one of these short, but strenuous, strength and cardio workouts 3-4 times per week and you’ll be ready in time for summer!


  • 2 minute jog
  • :15 high knees
  • :15 butt-kicks
  • :15 quick skips
  • :15 alternating lunges

Workout 1 – all you need is you and an open area to run.

  • Jog :90
  • Run :60
  • Sprint :30
  • Recovery Walk :60
  • :30 push-ups
  • :30 triceps dips (if you don’t have a bench, ledge, or curb around, use the flat ground by lifting your hips and bending at your elbows when you come down).
  • :30 squat jumps
  • :30 alternating curtsy lunges
  • :30 alternating knee-to-tricep plank
  • :30 plank jacks
  • Repeat run + strength 3x through

Workout 2 – you’ll need a jump rope, bench, and free weights.

  • Jump Rope :90
  • Jumping Jacks :60
  • High Knees :30
  • :30 Right leg step-up squats
  • :30 Left leg step-up squats
  • :30 Right lunge w/ back leg lifted on bench
  • :30 Left lunge w/ back leg lifted on bench
  • :30 Bicep curls w/ weights
  • :30 Tricep dips w/ bench (or tricep kick-backs with weights)
  • :30 Bent-over reverse flys
  • :30 Bicycle crunches
  • Repeat cardio + strength 3x through


Eat to Rock
Your nutrition has to be on par for you to power through your workouts with the intensity needed and for you to feel great knowing that you’re making healthy and good eating choices.  See below for some healthy meal ideas that you could try.  You just want to make sure you’re getting a balance of carbs, protein, fat, and fiber into each meal and snack.

Breakfast Recipe Idea 
Start your day with healthy whole grains, fruit and protein to give you a kick of energy and start your metabolism.


  • ½ cup cooked rolled oats (carbs, fiber, protein)
  • ½ cup blueberries or strawberries (carbs, fiber)
  • 1 TB natural nut butter (fat, protein)


  1. Mix the nut butter into the cooked oatmeal and add the berries on top or mix in.

Approximately 300 calories

Snack Idea
Don’t let the mid-morning grumbles send you to he vending machine. Try eating an apple at your desk or packing a few pear slices and almonds to get you through your pre-lunch snack craving.

  • ½ cup of fruit (carbs, fiber)
  • 1oz. raw almonds (fat, fiber, protein)

Approximately 250 calories

Lunch Recipe Idea
This delicious lunch idea give your body energy, protein, vegetable nutrients and healthy whole grain fiber without busting calorie budget.


  • 3oz. grilled chicken breast (protein)
  • ½ cup spinach (fiber)
  • 2 TB hummus (fiber, protein)
  • ½ whole grain pita (carbs, fiber)
  •  ½ cup each baby carrots and broccoli (carbs, fiber)


  1. Spread 1TB of hummus on pita and add the spinach and chicken for a pita wrap and enjoy the carrots and broccoli on the side with the rest of the hummus.

Approximately 400 calories

Snack Idea
Is your tummy grumbling? Try packing a few little snack bags with you. These quick little snacks gives your body plant-based fiber and protein.

  • ¾ cup sugar snap peas (carbs, fiber)
  • 2 TB hummus (fiber, protein)
  • Light mozzarella cheese stick (protein)

Approximately 150-200 calories

Dinner Recipe Idea
This dinner recipe is great because it contains plant protein, vegetables, natural fat. Try adding some free-range chicken breasts for added protein.


  • ½ cup black beans (protein, fiber)
  • 1 cup bell peppers (carbs, fiber)
  • ½ cup onion
  • 1 TB olive oil (fat)
  • 2 cups greens
  • ¼ avocado
  • ¼ cup salsa


  1. Sauté beans, peppers, onion and olive oil with salt, pepper, and cumin to taste and place on fresh greens, top with avocado and salsa.

Approximately 400 calories


Written by guest blogger: Rena Valentino Roark of Charge Up Health :: Fitness. Connect With Rena HERE.
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*Please be aware that this article is not a diagnosis, prescription or recommendation for any individual.  The recipes are only ideas and not meal plans claiming any statements.  Before you start a new exercise or food program, you should always talk it over with your doctor. He or she may have specific recommendations — or warnings — depending on your health and the other medicines you take.




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