Finally Do a Pull-up with These 5 Easy Tips


Being able to do a pull-up is an excellent fitness goal. Pull-ups take a lot of strength from a lot of muscle groups making them hard to master. Here are 5 easy tips to help you finally achieve your first pull-up.1. Focus on your weight loss
It may seem like a strength game, but a lot of other factors go into being able to perform a pull-up. For instance, weight loss can help you achieve a pull-up. It’s a simple theory that the less you weigh, the less weight you have to pull up and over the bar. Redistributing your weight out to your muscles by working out and losing fat can make doing a pull-up much easier.

2. Work your back muscles.
Pull-ups depend on your back, shoulders and biceps. Make sure to work your back muscles by doing some lat pulldowns and bent over rows to strengthen your “pulling” muscles. Mix in some bicep curls as well to really boost your pulling potential.

3. Do some assisted pull ups to get the movement down.
Use a chair or (if your gym has them) some assistance bands to do some pull-ups without putting all your weight on your arms. Use your legs as necessary to get yourself over the bar. Over time you will begin to use less and less of your legs. Not to mention your muscles begin to recognize the movement and you begin to develop muscle memory for the move.

4. Try some negative pull ups to get a feel for it.
Are your assisted pull-ups becoming easy and you’re looking for more of a challenge? Try using your assisted method to get to the top of your pull up, then put your feet up and let your full weight hang on your arms as you lower yourself slowly back to your assisted starting position. 

5. Pick the right grip.
Make sure you’ve selected the right grip for the job! Going too wide or too narrow can make doing your first pull-up difficult. Try placing your hands just outside of shoulder width apart and doing your first pull-up from there. Many say that doing a pull-up with your palms facing towards you tends to be easier for beginners but that’s for you to decide :).

Bonus: Mix up your grips for an added challenge!
Once you’ve mastered the standard pull-up try going for a wide grip one or doing a side-to-side pull up. There are TONS of pull up variations out there to try!

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