Find the Sleeping Position That’s Right For You

Find the Sleeping Position That's Right For You | Bulu Box - Superior Vitamins and Supplements

The way you sleep could be affecting more than just your awesome bed head. It could be the reason that your neck hurts in the morning,or why you snore so loudly. We’ve figured out the pros and cons to each sleeping position for your optimum health!

On Your Back:
Sleeping on your back is considered by some to be the best way to sleep, but there are pros and cons to every position. Sleeping on your back is great for keeping all of your organs aligned. This is the best position for keeping your head, neck and spine in a relaxed position. If you suffer from acid reflux, this is a great way to sleep. Sleeping on your back keeps your head above your stomach, so the acid can’t come up your throat.

There is one big con to sleeping on your back. If you frequently snore during your sleep, this is the worst position for you. This position can make snoring more severe than any other sleeping position so beware if there are light sleepers in the room.

On Your Side:
Do you have back problems? Sleeping on your side helps keep your spine elongated, therefore helping prevent back and neck pain. If your back problems are more severe, try bending your knees slightly and putting a pillow between your legs. This is a great way to take the stress off of your back. This is also a better position for any Bulugans who do snore!

The most significant con to side sleeping is that it is said to cause wrinkles. When your face is smashed against one side of the pillow, this can cause wrinkles to be more prominent on that side of your face.

On Your Stomach:
This is the best way to sleep if your snoring is bad. Sleeping on your stomach allows your airways to be more open, therefore making snoring almost nonexistent. Don’t be fooled though, this is not a good way to commonly sleep.

This position may hinder your spine’s alignment. Don’t sleep on your stomach if you’re suffering from back and neck problems. This position forces your neck to stay in one position for the whole night, which may cause soreness when you wake up. Sleeping on your stomach can also be accredited for numbness when you wake up.

Having troubles falling asleep? Try combining a new sleeping position with a pre-bedtime cup of Sunset Tea before you go to bed. This tea uses the benefits of ancient teas combined with Suntheanine, which promotes relaxation, and antioxidants. It’s a healthy way to get you calm and ready for bed!

Your Turn: How do you sleep? Will you consider switching based on what you’ve learned here?



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