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Fitness Trends We DON’T Miss

Like a full body neon spandex workout suit, here are 6 fitness trends we want to forget ever existed.

Fitness Trends We DON'T Miss: Thigh Master | Bulu BoxThe Thigh Master
Just squeeze this apparatus between your legs over and over again for slimmer looking thighs, right? It may have tightened some muscles up, but we wouldn’t want to do this exercise in front of people.


Fitness Trends We DON'T Miss: The Shake Weight | Bulu BoxThe Shake Weight
Another unusual exercise gadget we would not be caught holding in public. It claims to tighten and firm arms, shoulders and chest muscles, but we would much rather go the old-school method and do some pushups and arm curls.


Fitness Trends We DON'T Miss: Electric Ab Belts | Bulu BoxElectric Ab Belts
Using electricity to do more than light up your home is questionable, even more so when you have a belt sending electronic shocks into your abdomen. Scary! It maybe convenient to have on while multitasking around the house, but we still prefer our shock-free fitness methods.


Fitness Trends We DON'T Miss: Nordic Track | Bulu BoxNordic Track
Is it a $600 cross country skiing machine, or a convenient place to hang clothes? Most of the time, when we’re not attempting to get coordinated enough to do it correctly, we let it collect dust in the corner of our basement.


Fitness Trends We DON'T Miss: Bowflex | Bulu BoxBowflex
This expensive resistance exercise machine didn’t only take up space but also drained our wallet. The physiques of the men and women in the advertisements wouldn’t even be close to what our bodies would look like after a couple of months.


And one that we DO miss…

Fitness Trends We DON'T Miss: Richard Simmons | Bulu BoxRichard Simmons
His unique wit, enthusiasm and his fabulous hair, encouraged us to laugh while we sweat. It’s no wonder we love this man and how he had the power to make exercise so fun! His enthusiasm is one exercise trend that will neva eva go out of style.



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