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Get Fit With Fido

Get Fit With Fido | Bulu Box - Superior Vitamins and Supplements

If you’re a pet owner, this scenario is all-too-familiar: you are running out the door to go to the gym and look back to see a pair of huge, sad eyes looking back. How can you get a good workout in without excluding man’s best friend in the process? Try these fun pet-friendly exercises.

For the Pups

Walks. You may be thinking, “But I already do this every day with my dog”. Fantastic!! Now, how bout you step it up and increase the walking speed, taking a different longer route or maybe try a hike at a nearby park. For dogs that can handle it, try jogging with your dog when the weather gets cooler. Walking with your dog does not only strengthen your heart and lower your risk of depression, but does the same for our K-9 counterparts.

Dancing. Yes, dancing. If your pooch is coordinated enough, teach him/her to dance with you. Try having them run in-between your legs, hop up and down, and jump over you, all while enjoying some great tunes (if you do try this out… Puh-lease send us a video!!).

Swimming. Got a dog friendly pool or a lake nearby? Why not race your dog around the pool to get in some extra cardio.This is also great for older dogs, because the water doesn’t put any strain on their joints. Check with the pools or water parks in your area about whether they schedule regular swim days for dogs.

Soccer. Gather a group of friends and their pup-pals and get a game going on. Teach your dog to head-butt or run with the ball as you kick and run with them. With all the running around (or chasing ) you will reach your GOOOAL weight in no time.

Skijooring. We had to do a double take at that word too. This vigorous winter time sport is like cross country skiing with your dog. Your dog is harnessed to you while you ski and he trumps along or even pulls you. Make sure your dog is big enough to be harnessed to you and not get lost in the snow drifts :)

Fetch. Is Fido too small to pull you around in the snow? No prob, you can try out this age old favorite with a twist. Do lunges, high knees, or crunches as your dog goes to retrieve a ball.You’d be surprised how out of breath you both will be after a half hour.

Got an older dog? No worries, even though they may have a few years on them, they are still young at heart. Try ReparaPet Hip and Joint Health to give them the extra boost they need to keep up with you out on the trails!

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For the Felines

Lasers. This is not only super fun, but can be a great work out. Take mini flashlights, or laser pointers in your hands and point them at the wall or ground as you do sit-ups, jump ropes, lunges and jumping jacks. At the end of twenty minutes, both you and your cat will have your hearts pumping.

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