Get Your Bae to Work out Today


Are you into fitness but your partner isn’t? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to start working out with you. Broaching the subject can be difficult. Even with the best intentions, this sensitive topic can be a relationship minefield. Here’s a guide to starting the conversation.

Tips You Can Use to Get Your Bae to Workout Today
No one wants to fight with their loved ones; unfortunately, the topic of working out can be taken to be about their looks and overall attractiveness which can be highly volatile and lead to arguments when approached in the wrong manner. To stand a better chance of getting your partner to start on a fitness program with you, consider some of the following tips:

  • Find what motivates them: While you may be ready to hit the gym in the morning because you want to look great in your bathing suit for your next vacation, your partner may be thinking a lot less about that vacation and more about how working out takes away valuable work time. In this case, you could highlight how working out tends to help people reduce stress, focus better, and be more productive. Talking to your partner about why they usual avoid working out can help you figure out how to help motivate them.
  • Work out together: Though this definitely doesn’t work for everyone, many couples find that working out together gets both of them exercising more often and brings them closer together. It’s a good idea to find something that you both like to do, such as hiking or taking walks with the dog. Exercise classes can also be a great option for couples.
  • Throw out compliments like it’s your job: From telling them how great they look after working out, to telling them how much better it is for you when they work out with you, few things are more motivating than making a person feel good about themselves. Plus, if they know how much you appreciate their work out efforts, they are far more likely to exercise.
  • Share your struggles with them: It can be intimidating starting a fitness program or working out with someone new. If you’re honest and upfront about your own struggles with your fitness/weight/etc. it can help them feel less alone and like you’re in this thing together.
  • Give reassurance: Make sure they know you care about them no matter what. Whether they choose to exercise or not you should make sure that they know that you care for them either way. That way they don’t feel pressured to exercise and can feel like they’re doing this for them, instead of just for you, which could build resentment.

These tips can help you avoid rough waters while also helping to motivate someone you care about to improve their health. Just remember to always encourage and support them through their fitness journey. A couple that sweats together, stays together. :)

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