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Getting More Out of Your Workout

“You got this!” “Just one more rep!” – Find yourself repeating this in your head while working out? What if pushing harder got a little easier? By fueling up on special foods and supplements, going that extra mile or completing one more rep may be a little easier!*


Coffee – Grab a cup of joe to add pep to your step! Drink your coffee iced or hot at least a half hour before you hit the gym. Not crazy about coffee? Tea works too!

FRS Energy Chews | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplementsApples/Quercetin – Heading out on a long run or bike ride? Fuel up on quercetin, which can increase endurance and energize metabolism. You can find quercetin in many supplements, like FRS energy, and even apples! Maybe the doctor was on to something with that whole apple a day thing.

Beets – If you often find yourself fatigued during high-intensity exercise, beets are your new best-friend! Beets have nitrates that helps to deliver more oxygen to your muscles, helping you feel more energized opposed to tired. The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests eating a 7-ounce serving of baked beets 75 minutes before exercise.

Greek Yogurt – Wanting something a little easy on the stomach?Then Greek yogurt is your pre-workout match! Greek yogurt contains substantial protein and carbs to help fuel intense activity workouts.

Protein Shakes – This one you can drink before AND after workouts! Premade protein shake mixes like About Time Protein are good for on-the-go snacks and reap tons of benefits for a good workout as well as supplies plenty of carbs to keep you energized!

During Your Workout

H-2-the 0 – Water, water! As much as 60% of your body is made up of water and when you work out, you can lose quite a bit. If you are looking for good taste, try adding Hawaiian Coconut Energy mix to your H2O, it delivers electrolyte-rich rehydration!

Energy Aids – This is for those long, endurance workouts when you need an extra boost during your workout session. Try GU Chomps energy chews. It will help sustain your energy with amino acids, vitamins C and E, and electrolytes.


Cinnamon Raisin Bagel – Bagel lovers everywhere, rejoice! Be careful, typical bagels are oversized. Go for a small bagel or half a bagel. It’s a great source for dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Ginger – This one’s good to help prevent sore muscles after a workout. Ginger contains pungent pain-relieving chemicals. You can drop a few slices of fresh ginger into your tea or opt for supplements that have ginger like Celsius that you can drink!

1% Chocolate Milk – You read that right, chocolate milk makes a great recovery drink, especially for endurance workouts! About two cups is all you need to refuel on carbs and proteins with some added grams of fat.

Detour Bars | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich – Those looking for a simple post-workout snack have found their match! The whole wheat bread mixed with “healthy” complex carbs and protein will help you recover from your workout!

Protein Bars – These make easy on-the-go snacks to take along with you after a workout. Try a lower sugar protein bar like Detour proteinbars.

*Like taking any new supplement or vitamin, consult with your Doctor to make sure it’s right for you!

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