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You don’t need an empty room or a nearby studio to establish a peaceful yoga space. In fact, you can transform a corner of your bedroom into a mind and body fitness haven without much effort. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have your own private yoga sanctuary to help you start every day focused and bursting with energy.

Clear the Area
You’ll need enough space to stretch out vertically and horizontally to do all of your poses properly. Even if your living area is tight, rearranging furniture or getting rid of some clutter will yield at least a few square feet. Don’t try to squeeze your yoga area back against your bookshelf or nightstand. Give yourself room to breathe and focus without getting distracted by your everyday items or risking injury.

Close off Your Space
It will be hard to focus if you can see your unmade bed and your laptop blinking with email alerts on your desk. To truly separate yourself from the distractions of your everyday environment, try closing off your yoga area so it really is it’s own little room. After you’ve cleared the space, hang a curtain or partition so that your half hour of yoga feels like an escape from the hectic world around you. This can also help dim garish lights coming from elsewhere in the room.

Make it Comfy
Empty space may do the trick if you have the right surface. But there’s never anything wrong with adding a cushy yoga mat or a few cushions for those days when you just need somewhere quiet to meditate. In addition to being more comfortable, a yoga mat provides a safer surface than a hardwood or tile floor and is easy to wipe clean when you work up a sweat. Choose muted tones and neutrals for optimum relaxation.

Find Something that Inspires You
While empty space is graciously free of distractions, it can also be so boring that you feel like you’ll lose your mind. The perfect solution is a photograph, figurine, or painting that inspires you. Choose something that brings you peace or reminds you of your personal aspirations. If you have a gorgeous, peaceful view, situate your yoga space around it. Having a visually pleasing central aspect will help inspire focus on those days that you just can’t seem to clear your head.

Get the Vibe
No matter how peaceful you space looks, a honking horn, roommates talking, or the smell of the restaurant down the street can easily kill the vibe. Let relaxation spring from every sensory aspect. Use a sound machine, soft music, incense, or candles to truly claim your space as a personal retreat and completely forget that your yoga space is just a corner of your bedroom.

Make it Reversible
Maybe you have room to spare for a thirty minute yoga session but don’t want it to be a permanent space sucker. Stash your yoga mat under your bed and buy pillows that match your comforter so you can stick them back on your bed for decoration when you’re done. Rather than get claustrophobic, let your yoga space be a versatile part of your limited space.

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