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Gym Bag Successories!

Gym Bag Successories! | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Guarantee yourself a bomb workout by packing your gym bag with all the accessories that are made for success!

The Bag
Your gym bag is your partner in crime.  The  Watson to your Sherlock, the Robin to your Batman. So why settle for anything less than the very best? Live Well 360 has come out with a line of gym bags that have the best of the best materials and everything you could want in a gym bag; extra compartment for sweaty clothes and shoes, tons of pockets and fashionably lined interior. *BONUS* If you sign up for a Bulu Box subscription before March 9th, you will be entered to win 1 of 3 Live Well 360 bags we are giving away for our monthly B.A.M.M. prize! Learn more about the bag and how to enter here:

The Threads
Never leave for the gym without extra socks, your tennis shoes, extra underwear and your workout clothes. One of our favorite brands of clothing that not only keep us stylin’, but help us get motivated, is View Sport. This sweat activated clothing has motivational words show up as you sweat. Sweating has never looked so cool.

The Drank
If a towel is in your left hand, your water bottle is in your right. Fill that bottle with some Fit Mixer Amino to help prepare, push, and repair your body no matter your fitness level. Like something more natural? Try out Define Bottle for fruit infused water on the go. (Psst. It’s also going to be a B.A.M.M prize in April!)

So Fresh and So Clean
A fresh towel, flip flops and your favorite shampoo and conditioner are must haves to include in your bag. However, for those days that you literally have 5 minutes before you need to run off to work, there is Shower Pill and Crystal Essence Towlettes that will leave you sweat and odor free.

For those sneaky hunger pangs pre or post workout, reach for something that won’t undo your entire day. Perfect Blocks contains the perfect amount of nutrients to keep you going, and About Time Fill, Shake & Go bottles can go wherever your busy day takes you.


Your Turn: What are your must-haves to guarantee a bomb workout?




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