Healthy City of the Month: Boston

Boston ranks seven out of ten in the 2016 American College of Sports Medicine fitness index. The study looks at a series of factors including smoking, cardiovascular disease, public transportation and exercise. Boston’s areas of excellence are lower death rate for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, more park units per capita and higher level of state requirement for Physical Education classes in schools. At the time of the study, 82 percent of Boston inhabitants said they had exercised in the past 30 days.

With a number of parks and farmers’ markets, Boston is high on the list because of a healthy diet. In 2016, 32 percent or Bostonians consumed two or more fruits a day and 16 percent consumed three of more vegetables a day, both nearly meeting the American College of Sports Medicine national goal. Boston surpassed the national goal with 36 percent for farmers’ markets. While Boston does experience cold winter weather, late spring through early fall you can find countless farmers’ market options. 

Healthy Places to Eat:

  1. Clover Food Lab- Their philosophy is all in the simplicity of food. They highlight that they don’t make ketchup or mayonnaise because they want to focus on simple, healthy and quick foods! Clover also capitalizes on not using food unless it’s in season, when it’s at it’s prime and grown locally. They don’t even have freezers! They offer everything from hot drinks to chickpea fritter platters and Vegan BBQ sandwiches.
  2. Jugos- Every health nut loves a good acai bowl or juice once and awhile! Stop at Jugos for a quick fix- there is no seating so it’s perfect for on-the-go. They offer a variety of healthy fixes from matcha lattes to pitaya bowls.
  3. sweetgreen- Sweetgreen’s mission statement is all about promising “a destination for simple, seasonal, healthy food.” One of their core value is “think sustainably” meaning they focus on decisions that will lost longer than you. They source their produce locally from farms in Boston. Their menu ranges from curry chickpea bowls to carrot-turmeric Fresca.

Places to exercise:

  1. Recycle Studio- This chic, modern studio brought indoor cycling into Boston’s spotlight in 2011. One of the most popular classes is the Reboot Ride. The space is clean and intimate, making it easy to meet fellow cyclists. While the class prices are on the pricey side, reviews say it’s worth every penny!
  2. BURN- BURN offers a wide variety of classes including bootcamps, yoga, spin, rowing, kickboxing and tabata! BURN promises members, “our BURN classes are specifically designed to incorporate strength and conditioning, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.” It was awarded Best Boutique Gym 2016 by Boston Magazine. 
  3. Yoga Works- One of the best classes offered at Yoga Works is a bit unusual- Black Light Yoga. Instructor Goldie Graham teaches the class for a constant flow under a black light to deep and sexy beats. This studio is hitting the clean club scene happening around the country. Clean club scenes are exercise classes taught to hip-hop or club music. Yoga Works offers classes like Deep Beats & Breathe Hip Hop Yoga and Sweat & Surrender.

Trails and Dog Parks:

  1. Stony Brook Reservation- Stony Brook Reservation sprawls across 475 acres of scenic landscape. Even with the east coast weather, it’s open year-round. Features include twelve miles of hiking and biking trails. Stony Brook also offers a variety of recreational activities like fishing, playgrounds, grilling and a swimming pool.
  2. Charles River Reservation- This reservation is a linear park stretching from Boston Harbor up the river for twenty miles. The park starts near downtown Boston to the Watertown Dam. The reservation offers bike trails, bird watching and skating during the winter season. Other recreational activities include tennis courts, sailing and boat ramps!
  3. Boston Common- Boston Common is America’s oldest park, making it a must-see on your trip to Boston! Founded in 1634, it has seen history being made and still stands as a gathering place for free speech and public assembly. It is located in downtown Boston and offers baseball, art and tennis courts.

What healthy destinations have you visited in Boston?


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