Hit A New High With HIIT Training

Hit A New High With HIIT Training! | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) is the perfect workout for people who want extreme results but don’t have the time or patience to put into prolonged runs or workouts. Some HIIT sessions can be as short as 4 minutes!

Don’t let the short workout time fool ya, these extreme results require extreme effort and work. HIIT training is not for the light hearted! HIIT training involves short but intense workout periods followed by short rest periods. Typically the ratio is 2:1 work to rest. An example of this would be sprinting for 30 seconds and jogging for 15. This technique of training can be applied to any cardio or fitness routine!

So why should you give HIIT a try?

Burn More Fat: You burn more calories in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout than you would from a steady paced run. This occurs because HIIT training puts your body’s repair cycle into hyperdrive.

Enter the Anaerobic Zone: That feeling where you can’t breathe and your heart is going to burst from your chest, yep, that’s the Anaerobic Zone. Reaching this level of activity pushes your progress along much quicker. In one study, after 8 weeks of HIIT training subjects were able to bike twice as long when riding at the same pace! That’s a big improvement! During these intense periods of training it is important to have the boost you need to keep pushing through. PROLAB Quick Fire Preworkout was designed to increase nitric oxide levels, pushing more blood to your muscles to perform longer. It may be that extra kick you need to keep you going.

Time Efficient: Ideal for a busy schedule. You can do more in 15 minutes of HIIT 3 times a week than jogging on a treadmill for an hour. The other great thing about HIIT is that it doesn’t necessarily require any equipment and you can do it anywhere!

Here a few quick HIIT workouts we like:

Tabata Workout:
Total HIIT Time: 4:00 Minutes

20 Seconds per exercise, 10 Seconds rest, Repeat 8 times

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Toe touches
  • Triangle push ups
  • Leg raises
  • burpees


Sprinting Workout:
Total Hit Time: 15:00 Minutes

  • 5 minute warm up jog
  • 20 seconds fast run, 40 seconds walk, repeat 5 times
  • 30 Seconds fast run, 30 seconds walk, repeat 5 times
  • 1 minute fast run, 30 seconds walk, repeat 5 times
  • 5 minute cool down


Chris Freytag: HIIT Workout DVD:

Included within next months box, Chris Freytag will take you through an intense HIIT training workout to burn fat and build strength.

Other types of HIIT Training:

Crossfit: A fitness revolution that utilizes a wide variety of exercises including running, rowing, plyometrics, gymnastics, weight training, and Olympic weightlifting. No matter your athletic ability, Crossfit is sure to challenge you. The workouts change daily, so if you’re looking for something new and sure to kick your butt into shape give Crossfit a try! Just be sure to recover well and help prevent your body from being too sore by taking BQuick Fuel Protein to help speed up the recovery process.


Your turn: What types of exercises would you mix into a Tabata workout?






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